Condolence to Border Vigilant

Condolence to Border Vigilant

            One Border Vigilant, Govinda Prasad Panday, an inhabitant of Gulariya, Bardiya has been murdered cruelly on 29 June 2008. He was shot by bullets at 11.00 PM in his residence, Gulariya municipality ward number 2, Khairapur, as he was sleeping at night.  He was rushed to Nepalganj hospital. But he died on the way to hospital. Panday had worked in his agricultural farm during day time and he had gone to bed in his room after eating dinner at around 10.00 PM. According to an unofficial source, Tarai Janatantrik Mukti Morcha, Jwala Singh Group was involved in this murder case. Late Panday is survived by his wife, one son and three daughters.

            There is a Police Post, nearly 200 meters far from Panday’s home. But, most surprisingly, the policemen were not able to catch the criminal as they rushed just after the incident. It is not yet identified the persons involved in the murder case.

            Late Panday’s dead body was cremated on 30 June 2008 at Bhada Ghat with a huge funeral procession, consisting of general public, journalists, lawyers, businessmen, local political leaders and Nepal Communist Party (UML) central standing committee member, Bam Dev Gautam.  

            Late Panday could be known as Border Vigilant as a Junge Pillar of Bardiya. He may be named as Border Sentry, Border Watchmen, Border Safe-guard, Border Protector and so many adjectives. Because he was the activist to protect and preserve the border pillars number 63 and 64, which are located at Bardiya district, Gulariya municipality ward number 9 of Chaugurji area. In addition, he was a human rights activist, President of Civic Society Network- Bardiya, former Mayor of Bardiya municipality, President of Border Concern- Bardiya and above all, “A Sentry as Junge Border Pillar number 63″ between Nepal and India.  

            While the Indians encroached nearly seven hectares of Nepalese territory on 21 August 2006 located in between border pillars 63 and 64, he organized a mass rally to protest against the encroachment. He made a signature campaign of 451 citizens on 3 July 2003 and submitted to Chief District Officer, Bardiya on 5 July 2003 asking for the protection of national territory of Nepal, including Bardiya. He initiated and published a White Paper on 23 July 2003 entitled “Let us manifest additional unity against the foreign encroachment upon Nepalese territory.

            Late Panday was so much sensitive as the Indian tumbled down the old Junge Pillars number 110, 115, and 123 of Kailali  district, Bhajani VDC ward- 8. He organized a protest rally and gathering in a similar fashion. He was the man to express sorrow and personal grief, while Biru Bika of Bhajani Kushumghat locality lost his 1.5 hectares of personal land on 24 December 2006 with other 58 Nepali nationals. Their farm land was encroached by the adjacent Indian people. At that time, Biru Bika was weeping and crying “I lost my all 1.5 hectares of land and that was everything for me. Now I have nothing to survive. I have only the paper-made land ownership certificate (Lalpurja), provided by Nepal government. Now, should I survive as a landless Nepali citizen in Nepal with a worthless paper- Lalpurja or I may be converted into Indian national to get back my land and property.” Late Panday had assured Biru Bika and others, He organized a demonstration and visited the government organizations to materialize for the withdrawn of their land from the Indian encroachers.

            Similarly, late Panday was very much aware, while Indians encroached the Pyara Tal area and 6.5 hectares of land owned by Biraphanta Lower Secondary School of Kanchanpur district.

            At the programme organized in Kathmandu on 4 July 2008 by Nationalists’ Democratic Front for paying tribute to late Govinda Prasad Panday, who was killed at Gulariya Municipality of Bardiya district, the political leaders, researchers, lawyers and historian said, people should not shy away from patriotism for the protection of country’s sovereignty and sustainability of democracy.

             CPN (UML) Standing Committee Member, Bamdev Goutam pointed out that there is an apprehension of assassination to those, who are conscious on the security of Nepalese border, due to the murder of Govinda Panday, as he was working as a border vigilant. Gautam  further said that it has terrified the nationalist Nepalese, because a knowledgeable person on Nepal-India border issues has been killed.  He said his party would not accept one-Madhes-one-Province, stating that left power should be united not to let the country be divided.


General Secretary of Left Front, CP Mainali said, one border watchman is slaughtered with an inhumane manner. But there are hundreds of border safe guards in this country to protect the national boundary of Nepal. He mentioned that his party too would not accept one-Madhes-one-province, stating that meeting of constituent assembly should not be disturbed for this reason.

            Netra Bikram Chand of CPN (Maoist) Central Secretariat Member said frequency of the killing of nationalists has been increased and Govinda Panday has become a prey. Late Panday has become immolation for self respect. The State has not been able to show initiative ness to protect the genius and intelligent people. He mentioned that his party is not in favour of One Madhes, One Pradesh. His party would not enter into any agreement that would undermine country’s sovereignty, and indivisibility.

            Border Expert Buddhi Narayan Shrestha said, I know late Govinda Panday as no other than a Border Sentry. He may be a human rights activist or a social worker or a party member. But above all, he was a true nationalist to protect the national boundary of Nepal. He was as the Junge border pillar number 63 of Chaugurji, ward-9 of Gulariya municipality of Bardiya district. Because he had organized so many events, gatherings and programs, especially in Bardiya district. Late Panday was really the for-runner to protest on the illegal encroachment of Nepalese territory by neighbouring India.


            Now border pillar number 63 of Nepal-India border has been tumbled down, as Govinda Panday is fired and killed. But we are here to re-locate and re-install the missing Nepal-India border pillar in the name of late Panday.

            Nepal is constructed with Himal, Pahad and Tarai. ‘NE’ represents Himal as head of a man, ‘PA’ represents Pahad as abdomen and ‘L’ represents Tarai as legs of a man. If the demand of One Madhes, One Pradesh is fulfilled, the Tarai (leg) may be gone one day from Nepali territory. If the Tarai is separated, there may be a possibility of disintegration of Himal (head) as ‘One Himal-One Pradesh.’ And Pahad (abdomen) will be remained as No-man’s Land (Das Gaja) between the new States of Madhes and Himal. So if we protect and preserve the present national boundary of Nepal that will be a real homage and admiration to late Panday.  

            Constitutionalist Bheemarjun Acharya said the country has been pushed towards crisis, and the crisis prevailed after the passage of Citizenship Act, determination of constituencies based on population and declaration of federal state in the name of inclusion. Boundary of Nepal must kept intact for the overall development of nation.

            Historian Dr. Surendra KC said, it is indeed a great sorrow to all the patriotic Nepali nationalists that Govinda Panday has been murdered by the planners to disintegrate Nepal. We should be aware of these unwanted elements. There should not be delaying by the political parties to stand singularly for the protection of national integrity.

            Chairing the Program, President of the Nationalists’ Democratic Front Chetendra Jung Himali emphasized that all political parties and citizens must be wakeful to maintain our nationality. He said, to pay homage to late Govinda Panday is to contribute for the national integrity of Nepal. Late Panday was a worthy son of Nepal. Now he is no more with us. But we have to carry on his spirit and follow his vision to protect Nepal-India border pillars, making synonymous Govinda Prasad Panday to Junge border pillar.


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  1. My condolences to late Panday.

    May his soul rest in peace!

    Lets respect him by being more conscious about our border.


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