Indian SSB paramilitary retreated back

Indian SSB para-military force retreated back

Indian Special Services Bureau para-military infiltration in Dang district problem must be addressed at the government level at the earliest.”  Even during British rule in India, there was a dispute over the Dhuduwa range in southern Dang, which was resolved after British India and Nepal recognised the southern foothills of the Dhunduwa range as the borderline. Meanwhile, Indian SSB personeel have dug three feet wide and three feet deep ditch along the no-man’s land. They have cut the Nepalese forest and transported to India with the stones, boulders and sand from the Nepalese frontier. 

The border dispute in Dang could be resolved if India agrees to review demarcation lines based on historic agreement made on 7 January 1875 . The agreement was signed by Lieutenant Colonel I. F. Mac Andrew from British India and Siddhiman Singh Rajbhandari from the government of Nepal. The agreement says ‘The boundary between the two States on the Dhundwa range of hills from the Arrah Nudee to the hills above Baghora Tal shall be the foot of the lower spurs where they meet the plain to the south of the range.’

 “If India agrees, this problem can be resolved through review of border demarcation lines based on above mentioned historical survey documents. SSB personnel had been resorting to excesses against people living in parts of Dang bordering India for years.

The Indian SSB personnel would drive people away if they failed to produce land ownership certificates claiming that the territory belonged to India. Indian SSB personnel had been infiltrated upon some 40-metre-wide swathe stretching 30 kilometres along the eastern and western strips covering 22 pocket areas of Bhausahi, Dangmarg, Khangra, Gurung and Koilabas posts in Dang. The SSB personnel retreated back before a team of Constitution Assembly Members headed by Padma Lal Bishwokarma and eighteen political party representatives led by former deputy prime minister and member of Constitution Assembly Member Amik Sherchan visited on the spot of illegally infiltrated area of Dang district.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for the information! It has proved that with enough vigil and unity on our side, Indians don’t dare encroaching pur land. I am happy to know that they retreated. What we need now is a strong political will from our government and parties to deal with India on this matter.


  2. Yes, we have to give counter action to protect our border post and no-man’s land.


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