Book Handing Over and Felicitation Program-2013



Book Handover and Felicitation Program- 2070 BS



Buddhi N Shrestha


         Half Jacket



            I had an opportunity to be the Chief Guest in a function organized during the 30th Anniversary of Everest English School, Bhaktapur on 17 June 2013. I had to make a speech in a capacity of the chief guest of the program.


            I started to speak: First of all I would like to thank the organizer of the 30th Anniversary of the Everest English School for providing me an opportunity to be the chief guest of the program. This function has been a mixing of four elements i. e.


  • 30th Anniversary of Everest English School.
  • Felicitation to the learned writer and author of National Anthem of Nepal Byakul Maila alias Pradeep Kumar Rai.
  • Handing over the 20 packages of books to the Chandreswori Higher Secondary School, Gothatar VDC of Ramechhap district.
  • Release of CD Album authored by Byakul Maila, author of the National Anthem of Nepal.




            I said, Everest English School established 30 years ago has flashed tens of thousands ‘Light of Education.’ The School has produced thousands of students and it has contributed for the development of quality education in Nepal. May the School produce more and more qualified students, who could serve the nation in an efficient manner. I earnestly congratulate the Founder Principal Bhakta Rajbhandari, Vice-Principal Ms. Kamala Devi Rajbhandari and team of teachers.


            I presented Letter of Felicitation (brass plaque with wooden frame) on behalf of Everest English School, to Byakul Maila in recognition of his remarkable contribution made for the preservation of sovereignty, independence, integrity and culture of the nation. I am really delighted to present the Felicitation Letter as honour to the renowned national writer Byakul Maila. As I know, he is an eminent person but very simple, soft spoken with high thinking. He always says-  I am not a great man; wherever I am, I feel okay on that very level. I think, this is his greatness and it has increased his height and glory.






            I know he has been felicitated by many organizations, institutions and government offices from different parts of the country i.e. from Himal-Pahad-Maidan. The government has provided him honour, but he should have been provided some physical facilities, as it is expected from the civic society for him. However, the Nepali people have provided him a great respect and dignity from different walks of life. In this respect, I wish him all success in his life to contribute more for the nation.


            I was also lucky to present Letter of Felicitation to Dil Bhakta Koju, as he is the representative of the guardians of the School children, on behalf of the School. Koju, as I know, is a man of positive thinking and he is simple and amicable. He has helped the School in his capacity.






            I also presented a Certificate of Appreciation with cash prize to Ms. Kushum Pulami Magar, topper student of Chandreswori Higher Secondary School, on behalf of  Everest English School.


            I was also fortunate to release the CD Album authored by Byakul Maila, the author of National Anthem. The title of the CD is ‘Khoji Hera Desko Mato (Keep on Searching Soil of the Nation).’ The music is provided by Gopal Adhikari. There are eight songs in the CD Album. The singers are Krishna Bhakta Rai, Shambhu Rai, Ms. Nisha Deshar, Deepak Limbu, Shishir Yogi, Udaya Sotang and Ms. Shreyeshi Chemjong. The text of the songs in CD is full of patriotism and nationalistic expression.



       I congratulate Byakul Maila for writing all those songs. The music and voices of the singers is ear pleasing and the rhythm is spontaneous. Cover of the CD has depicted the photo of boundary Pillar (Junge Khamba) of Nepal. I am happy to see the picture of Junge Khamba in Byakul Maila’s CD cover. Because I am engaged in the study and research of the border issues of Nepal with India and China and I have visited to this type of Junge Khamba in so many places so many times. I have included the picture of the Pillar also in my book, especially entitled ‘Boundary of Nepal’ which won the prestigious Madan Puraskar with one hundred thousand Rupees cash.


CD Cover




            Lastly, I expressed that our national boundary has been encroached by our neighbours. We have to be careful to protect our boundary. We ourselves must preserve it. Nobody (neither America nor Britain or Russia) will come to protect our national boundary. So the education about our boundary elements should be provided to the School students as curricula, so that they will understand the importance of our border, sovereignty and integrity of our nation.


            As a recipient of the Letter of Felicitation Byakul Maila expressed gratitude to  the Everest English School for providing him the honour. He thanked me as well for handing over the brass plaque on behalf of the School. He expressed some kind words and an appreciation to me. He also expressed gratitude to me for releasing his CD Album. In the mean time he announced that the royalty how much he gets from the sale of CD Album will be donated to Chandeswori Higher Secondary School, Ramechhap. It showed his open heart and greatness.




            In the program, students of Everest English School presented packets of books as gifts to the students of the Chandeswori H. S. School. Kushum Pulami Magar on behalf of all the students of CHS School received the books.




            In the beginning of the program Bhakta Rajbhandari, Founder Principal of Everest English School welcomed all the guests, teachers, students, media persons and invitees, including the Culture Expert and famous writer Tejeswor Babu Gonga. He expressed happiness that the invitation of the School was accepted by the guests and invitees. During his speech, he highlighted the activities of the School. He was happy to contribute to the higher secondary school system of Nepal. Thousands of students have been successfully completed their education from the School and they are working home and abroad with their successful career. This is the pride and glory of the School. He promised that the School will always be dedicated to maintain the qualitative education to be provided by the School. He recalled the past story of struggle of the School for the last thirty years. He was never tired when there were difficult circumstances and situations in the initial stage of the School. Eventually, he thanked all those who helped to bring the School to this stage. He expressed, what he is doing is for the betterment of the students of the School at large and also to contribute for the development of education system of the nation.




            He was happy to present and provide many packets of the books to the library of Chandeswori HS School, Ramechhap. He recalled that the students and teachers of EE School with Byakul Maila had their education visit to the CHS School. They were highly impressed on the activities ofCHSS and they offered books for their Library. It is interesting and remarkable that funds have been collected from the EE School student’s birthday expense. Instead of distributing chocolates to friends of the students as birthday gift, the students would donate some cash to the School fund. And this fund was used to buy new and useful books for students and the books were used to donate to various schools.




            Founder Principe Bhakta Rajbhandari lastly expressed that he was happy to offer Letter of Felicitation to national personality Byakul Maila, on behalf of the School. It was a prestige of the School to honour such a national figure and distinguished person of the nation. He said the School will try to honour more eminent persons in the years to come as well.


            On the occasion, Bhanu Bhakta Shrestha, Chair person of the CHS School Management Committee expressed gratitude to Everest English School for providing packets of books, education materials and Letter of Appreciation and cash prize to Ms. Kushum Magar, the topper of the School. He was happy to welcome last year to the students, teachers and Byakul Maila as well.


            At the end of the program, Chairman of School Management Committee of Everest English School Ram Gopal Karmacharya thanked all those who were present. He said they were inspired by the gracious presence of the invitees and distinguished persons to enhance the capability of the School.




            In the mean time Ms. Kushum Pulami Magar spoke few words thanking the EE School for providing her Letter of Appreciation and cash prize.


            During the program, Bajrayogini Dance, Ratyali Dance, and Pom Pom Dance were performed by the School students. Songs by Shisir Yogi, Ms. Nisha Deshar, and Ms. Shreyeshi Chemjong had been sung in between the items of the program.







Felicitation by Yogi Narahari Nath Trust

Felicitation by Yogi Narahari Nath Trust

            Six people from different walks of life have been felicitated and honored by Yogi Narahari Nath Trust Spiritual Council at Nepal Bar Association Hall in Kathmandu on the occasion of ‘National Mighty Person Day’ on 20 June 2013. Former Prime Minister Kirti Nidhi Bista welcomed and presented Letter of Felicitation (Brass Plaque) to the persons, including Border Researcher Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, on behalf of Yogi Narahari Nath Trust Spiritual Council.



        At the same time and in the same function Former PM Bista also presented Letter of Appreciation (Silver Frame) and Letter of Commendation (Silver Frame) to Border Researcher Shrestha and five others, on behalf of Independent Civic Society Nepal, Kathmandu and Shree Hanuman Mandal Nepal Central Office, Dhanushadham respectively, on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Regent Bahadur Shah.



            Former Prime Minister Kirti Nidhi Bista made a remark at the program that Bahadur Shah, the youngest son of Nepal’s Unifier King Prithvi Narayan Shah, is remembered for his heroic deed during the unification of states of up to Kumaon, Garhwal and Almoda in the west and Sikkim in the east. It was framed as ‘Greater Nepal.’ In this aspect, Bahadur Shah is taken as a true patriot and a great diplomat.

            The octogenarian Former P M Bista has alleged the present day leaders of ruining Nepali nationalism. “Sooner the Nepails will unite to preserve their nationalism better it is. We all need to unite to save the country,” Bista made this remark at a program organized to celebrate birth anniversary of Bahadur Shah.


            Receiving the Letter of Felicitation, Letter of Appreciation and Letter of Commendation Border Researcher Buddhi Narayan Shrestha said he is proud of receiving this Letter of Felicitation, as the felicitating institute belongs with the name of reverend and learned Late Yogi Narahari Nath. He expressed that he has received more than two dozens Letters of Felicitations and Appreciations and he feels that this one is weighty in respect of nationality, sovereignty and integrity of the nation.

            Shrestha recalled that he had met Yogi Couples of times in Pashupati area while he was alive and he had a chance to exchange ideas on patriotism in the context of the boundary of Nepal and the then boundary of Greater Nepal. He has studied the books and anthology, such as ‘Collection of Treaties in Light of History’ written and compiled by Yogi. He paid homage to the Late Yogi Narahari Nath.


            Buddhi Narayan Shrestha further said ‘at the moment we have to remember the Late Regent Bahadur Shah as well. Shah was the fore runner of the Nepal Unification Movement, started and propounded by Prithvi Narayan Shah the Great. As a result, Nepal was unified as a strong Himalayan State as Greater Nepal. At that time territory of Nepal was extended from Tista to Kangra. However, the then British ruler East India Company did not like the unified and powerful Greater Nepal. So they started to interfere and encroach Nepal’s territory. As a result, there was Anglo-Gorkha War (1814-16). In the mean time Sugauli Treaty was made on 4 March 1816 and Nepal was compelled to loose one third of its territory as shrunked to Mechi on the east and Mahakali on the west. This is the present boundary of Nepal.

            But unfortunately, there are encroachments, disputes, conflicts, cross-holding occupations, claims and counter-claims in 71 places and spots along 1880 Km long Nepal-India border. The area of such spots has been computed as 606.62 square kilometer in 23 districts of Nepal. It is to be noted that 26 district of Nepal have been adjoined with the Indian border. The largest encroachment is the Kalapani-Limpiyadhura (370 sq. km.), encroached since India-China Border War-1962 October-November. And the smallest spot is at Fatak (240 Square metre) of Pashupatinagar VDC of Ilam District, since March 2004.


            We have to save and protect our national boundary with the national thinking of Late Yogi Narahari Nath and his feeling and inspiration on sovereignty and integrity of Nepal.

            Buddhi Narayan Shrestha mentioned that the Chief Guest of the program and Former PM Bista’s role will always be remembered for the contribution he made towards strengthening Nepali nationalism. Bista’s role to whip-off the 18 Indian Military Missions and Check Posts in 1970 in the north, adjacent to Nepal-China border, which had been there for nearly two decades while he was the prime minister under visionary King Mahendra, will always be remembered by Nepali public. So we have to respect to those persons like Kirti Nidhi Bista in connection to the sovereignty and Nepal as an independent country since time immemorial. I have mentioned this achievement of Bista in three of my books out of seven. I am happy that I received Letter of Felicitation today through Former Prime Minister Kirti Nidhi Bista in the name of Late Yogi Narahari Nath.


            At the end, Buddhi Narayan said that our sovereignty is going to be dwindled and it is staggering day by day. Nepal has already crossed the stage of Bhutanikaran, as our foreign policy, business of home affairs and security concern is not in Nepal’s grip. Now it is on the process of Fijikaran and it has gained 25 percent progress of this process, as 2.5 million citizenship certificates have been distributed last time. Among them, 90 per cent of these certificate holders are from neighboring countries’ people. They have got the certificates by any means, as it is assumed by many nationalists. The Fijikaran process will be completed by 2030 AD, as there will be three more general elections by that time. It is well known that more citizenship certificates will be distributed before each and every election and majority of the fake people will get the Nepali Citizenship Certificates by hook or crook, money or muscle, politically or socially or whatever means it needs or may need. After 2030 the phase of Sikkimikaran will be started and this stage will be completed by 2040 AD with two more general elections. And Nepali parliament will decide and pass by overwhelming majority that Nepal should be incorporated within Republic of India, as in similar fashion as it was done in Sikkim in 1975. It is believed that Lhendup Dorjee has already been born in Nepal and he will show his real character by 2040.

            This is an intellectual assumption with the analysis of political and distorted diplomatic situation since Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India received a crucial letter from Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel on 7 November 1950 mentioning that ‘the political and administrative steps which we should take to strengthen our northern and north-eastern frontiers and this would include the whole of the border i.e. Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Darjeeling and the Tribal Territory in Assam.’ It could be said that it may come true by 2040. The speed of such process was slow in its initial stage till half a century. But the process is getting accelerated since last decade. And the speed of this process has gained high speed in a considerable rate in these days.


            With this analysis it has to be mentioned in short and it is to be assumed that ‘There will be no Nepal by 2040.’ But we will be alive as alien. Regarding the boundary of Nepal, the landmass east of Koshi River will be merged into Sikkim. West of River Karnali will be affiliated to Uttarakhanda. South of Siwalik Range (Churia Hill) i.e. east of Susta will be incorporated to Bihar and west of Susta will be included to Uttar Pradesh. And north of Siwalik Range will be named as Gorkha Land, but not Nepal Pradesh. So in this sense, none of the Pradesh will be named as Nepal.

            In such a scenario, may our political leaders have a deep sense of national feeling and maintain sovereignty and integrity of the nation as an asset of our ancestors in due time. They may be able to save our nation as an independent country ‘Nepal’ as before. I earnestly wish, what I wrote in the above paragraphs may not be proven. Let it be false by the grace of heavenly bodies. This is my wish from the core of my heart.

            In the program another recipient of Letter of Felicitation, Historian and President of Border Concern Civic Society Chetendra Jung Himali said we have to maintain the dignity of Nepal, as our forefathers had carried on since the historic time. Political situation of Nepal at present is at the turmoil and every Nepali should be careful. Our main responsibility is to preserve and protect the national boundary of Nepal, earned by our ancestors.


              The other recipient of Letter of Felicitation, Professor Dr. Surendra K.C. sharing his views at the function, expressed grief that neither the country has been able to give birth to nationalist leaders of the sorts of Bahadur Shah and Narahari Nath nor it has been able to honor their national heroes.


            Likewise, Phanindra Nepal, the champion of Greater Nepal Movement (instead it should be shrinking Nepal)and the President of Unified Nepal National Front demanded immediate return of Nepali lands of Greater Nepal being illegally occupied by India.


            Advocate Bal Krishna Neupane alleged that more than 4.5 Million Nepali citizenship certificates have been distributed to the Indian nationals. It indicates that present political leaders do not sense the sovereignty, integrity and national feelings. They are hankering over the power and money and they are ready to do anything else for their motive.

 Bal Krishna Neupane


           Chair person of the function and President of Bahadur Shah Memorial Academy Diwakar Jung Shah said ‘we have to maintain our nationality, sovereignty and integrity remembering the spirit of Yogi Narahari Nath and Bahadur Shah. The Academy is very happy to present Letter of Felicitation for those who are engaged to maintain the dignity and prestige of our nation.’


            In the same way, President of Yogi Narahari Nath Trust Spiritual Council Shankar Poudel expressed happiness to honour the personalities who have specially contributed in the field of culture, history, religion and national boundary.


Collection from Telegraph Weekly and Gorkhapatra Daily, 21 June 2013 and points noted down during the program.

Confusing Border Circumstances

सीमा अवस्थाको रुमलो

बुद्धिनारायण श्रेष्ठ

२०७० जेठको तेस्रो साता काठमाडौंमा गृह सचिवस्तरीय नेपाल-भारत सुरक्षा बैठक भएको थियो । बैठक तीन दिनसम्म चल्ने भन्ने अग्रीम एजेन्डा भए तापनि एकैदिनमा कुराकानी सकियो । बाँकी दर्ुइ दिन १३ सदस्यीय भारतीय वार्ताटोलीलाई पोखरा रिटि्रट भ्रमणमा लगिएको थियो । सुरुमा यो बैठक २०६९ चैत १ देखि गर्ने भनिएकोमा त्यस समय भारतमा विभिन्न व्यस्तताका कारण भारतीय अधिकारीहरू काठमाडौं आउन नसक्ने भएपछि अन्तिम घडीमा भारत सरकारको अनुरोधमा बैठक सरेको थियो ।

सम्पन्न सुरक्षा बैठक सामान्यतया अन्तर-सीमा अपराध नियन्त्रण तथा सीमा क्षेत्रका नागरिकका सुरक्षा व्यवस्थालाई सुदृढ गर्न र दुवै देशको सुरक्षाकर्मीलाई सक्रिय बनाउने सम्बन्धमा केन्द्रित रहेको थियोे । बैठकको क्रममा भारतीय पक्षले भारतबाट नेपालमा पसी लुकेका अभियुक्तको पक्राउ र सहज हस्तान्तरण, नक्कली भारतीय रूपैयाँका नोट भारतीय बजारमा ओसार-पसार नियन्त्रण, नेपालको दक्षिणी सीमामा रहेका बढ्दो संख्याको मदरसामा भारतविरोधी गतिविधि निगरानी, पाकिस्तानी खुफिया एजेन्सी -आइएसआइ) को सक्रियता नियन्त्रण, भारत-नेपालका सुरक्षाकर्मीले एक-अर्काको देशमा हतियारसहित बिनारोकटोक अनुसन्धान गर्न आउन पाउने, अदालती प्रक्रियाबिनै अभियुक्त हस्तान्तरण, लागुपदार्थ ओसार पसार नियन्त्रणलगायतका प्रस्ताव राखेका थिए ।

यसैगरी नेपाली पक्षले पनि भारत पुगेका गम्भीर अपराधका अभियुक्त पक्राउ, साना हतियार कारोबार नियन्त्रण, लागूऔषध कारोबार रोकथाम, भारतीय भूमिमा आश्रय लिएका तर्राईका सशस्त्र समूहको निगरानी, मानव तस्करीमा रोकथाम, सीमा क्षेत्रमा नेपाली कामदारहरूलाई भारतीय सुरक्षाकर्मीबाट दिइने सास्ती हटाउने, वनवासास्थित शारदा ब्यारेज खुला राख्ने समय वृद्धि गर्नुपर्ने, हराएका सीमास्तम्भ पत्तालगाउने र नियमित मर्मतसम्भार गर्ने, सीमा क्षेत्रको अपराध नियन्त्रणमा सशस्त्र प्रहरी बलको क्षमता वृद्धि गर्ने, अध्यागमन प्रशासनको क्षमता बढाउन प्रशिक्षण दिने, सीमा कार्यका लागि पुनः प्राविधिक टोली गठन गर्ने जस्ता प्रस्ताव प्रस्तुत गरेको प्रकाशमा आएको थियो ।

छलफलका दौरानमा भारतमा प्रतिवन्धित रक्तचन्दन नेपाल भई चीनको तिब्बत निकासी हुने गरेको, दुवै देशमा रहेको लगानी सुरक्षा, तथा ०६१ माघ ७ मा भएको सुपर्ुदगी सन्धि परिमार्जन गरी नयाँ सन्धि गर्ने, त्रिभुवन अन्तर्रर्ााट्रय विमानस्थलमा सुरक्षा व्यवस्थापन विकास गर्ने जस्ता विषयमा भारतीय पक्षले नपाली पक्षको ध्यानाकृष्ट गराएको थियो ।

नेपाली पक्षले भारतविरुद्ध क्रियाकलाप नेपाली भूमिबाट हुन नदिने कुरा आश्वस्त पार्दै अवाञ्छित क्रियाकलाप रोक्न सुरक्षा क्षमता वृद्धिमा सहयोग गर्नुपर्ने कुरा उठाएको थियो । यसैगरी सुपर्ुदगी सन्धिबारे राजनीतिक तहमा छलफलपछि मात्रै निर्ण्र्ााहुनसक्ने विवरण नेपाली पक्षले प्रकाश पारेका थिए । यस बाहेक नेपालमा निकट भविष्यमै संविधानसभा निर्वाचन हुने भएकोले भारतीय भूमिबाट सुरक्षा सहयोग हुन ध्यानाकृष्ट गराइएको थियो ।

समग्ररूपमा भन्नुपर्दा यस पटकको संयुक्त वार्ताको उपलब्धि नै भन्न मिल्ने गरी मूलतः तीन वटा सहमति भएको देखिन्छ । नेपालको आग्रहमा कन्चनपुरको पश्चिम सीमामा रहेको शारदा ब्यारेजको पुल दैनिक पाँच घण्टाबाट बर्ढाई सात घण्टा खुला राख्न सहमती भएको छ । यसैगरी सीमावर्ती जनताको समस्या निराकरणका लागि आपराधिक क्रियाकलाप रोक्न स्थानीय प्रशासन र सुरक्षा अधिकारीले सर्म्पर्क अधिकृत तोकेर सूचना आदान-प्रदान गर्ने प्रणालीको समन्वयकारी भूमिका विकास गर्ने, दर्ुइ देशबीच बाँकी सीमास्तम्भ नियमित अंकन गर्न गत छ वर्षघि भंग भएको संयुक्त प्राविधिक टोली फेरि गठन गर्न प्रयास गरिने भएको छ । यस बाहेक प्रत्येक तीन महिनामा जिल्लास्तरीय सीमा समन्वय समितिको बैठक गर्ने, नेपालका प्रजिअहरूलाई भारतमा अवलोकन भ्रमणको प्रवन्ध गर्ने तथा सीमावर्ती क्षेत्रमा मोबाइल फोन सिमकार्डको दुरुपयोग हुन नदिने सहमति भएको बुझिएको छ ।

नेपाल र भारतबीच दुवै देशको सुरक्षा चासोलाई लिएर पटक-पटक वार्ता बैठक हुने गर्दछ । सचिवस्तरीय यो बैठक एघारौं हो । यसअघि दुवै देशका सशस्त्र प्रहरी प्रमुख -आइजिपि) स्तरमा २०६९ मंसिर १८-१९ मा सीमा सुरक्षासम्बन्धी बैठक नयाँ दिल्लीमा भएको थियो भने चैत २७-२८ मा भारत-नेपाल सुरक्षा मामिला द्विपक्षीय परामर्श समूहको बैठक बैङलोरमा भएको थियो ।

यहाँँ जिज्ञासा उत्पन्न हुन्छ यस्ता बैठक तथा छलफलले दुवै देशको सुरक्षा चासोका के कति समस्या समाधान गर्‍यो – गत बैठकहरूमा भएका संयुक्त सहमतिको माइन्युट अध्ययन गर्दा निकै वर्षघिदेखि दर्ुइ-तीन मामिला लगातार उल्लेख गरिंदै आएको पाइन्छ । भारतीय जाली नोट तस्करी, अन्तरसीमा अपराध, आइएसआइको नेपालमा गतिविधि रोकथाम, सुपर्ुदगी सन्धि, अन्तरसीमा अपराध, साना हतियार तथा लागूपदार्थ ओसार-पसारबारे सबै बैठकको छलफलभित्र परेको देखिन्छ । तर खास तवरमा समाधान भएको देखिदैंन ।

दुवै देशसँग सम्बन्धित तथा दुवै देशलाई पिरोलिरहेका यस्ता समस्याको समाधानको मूल जरो के हो र त्यसलाई कसरी सुल्झाउने भन्ने सम्बन्धमा कहिल्यै पनि कार्यगत रूपको योजना बनेको पाइँदैन । यस पटकको बैठक पनि औपचारिकतामा नै सकियो ।

यहाँ भन्नपर्ने र दुवै देशले संयुक्त रूपमा गर्नुपर्ने कुरा के हो भने भइरहेको सीमा व्यवस्थापनले अन्तरसीमा आपराधिक क्रियाकलाकलाप र अवाञ्छित गतिविधि रोक्न नसकेकोले विद्यमान व्यवस्थापनमा सुधार ल्याउनु आवश्यक परेको छ । यस्ता सुधार नल्याउनाका कारणले नै बिहार पिपुल्स रिभोलुसन आर्मी नामक संगठनका प्रमुख तथा भारतमा ३६ हत्याकाण्डका मोस्ट वान्टेड भारतीय अपराधी बब्लु दुबे -मिथिलेश) विनारोकटोक अन्तर्रर्ााट्रय सीमापार गरी लुसुक्क नेपाल छिर्नसकेका हुन् । आठ महिनादेखि नेपालमा खुलेआम घुमफिर गरिरहेका दुबेलाई नेपाल प्रहरीको सक्रियतामा जेठ १४ मा पक्राउ गरियो र २१ गते रित पुर्‍याउँदै घटौरीमा छाडी सोही बेलुका सुटुक्क बिहार प्रहरीको जिम्मा लगाइयो ।

यसैगरी चौंतीस महिनाको अवधिमा २७ जना नेपाली उद्योगपति अपहरित भई भारत पुर्‍याइए । बिराटनगरका उद्यमी गंगाविसन राठीलाई २०६९ माघ १८ मा काँकभिट्टाबाट सजिलै सीमापार गर्राई सिलिगढी पुर्‍याएर हत्या गरियो । अर्कोतर्फ२०६८ कात्तिकदेखि २०७० वैशाखसम्म पटक-पटक गरी भारततर्फ लैजान लागेको ४ करोड ६४ लाख भारतीय नक्कली नोट नेपालमा समातियो ।

नेपाल-भारत खुला सीमाको वैकल्पिक व्यवस्था गरिएको भए मोस्ट वान्टेड अपराधी बब्लु दुबे अन्तर्रर्ााट्रय सीमामै पक्राउ पर्नसक्ने थियो । राठीलाई काँकडभिट्टामै रोकी उनको ज्यान बँच्न सक्थ्यो भने जाली नोट नेपालको सीमापार गराएर भारत पस्न सक्ने थिएन । तर यस्ता अवाञ्छित गतिविधि रोक्ने ठोस उपाय अवलम्बन गर्नेबारे दुबै देशका पदाधिकारीबीच छलफल हुने गरेको पाइँदैन । यद्यपि नेपालका लागि भारतीय पर्ूवराजदूत तथा आरआईएका अध्यक्ष श्याम शरणले २०६९ पुस २९ मा भनेका थिए- ‘भारतको नेपालसँग खुला सिमाना भएकोले केही संवेदनशीलता छ भन्ने कुरा नेपाल स्वयम् र अन्य मुलुक पनि प्रष्ट छन् ।’ अमेरिकाको कन्ट्री रिपोर्ट अन् टेरोरिज्म- २००९ मा ‘नेपाल-भारत सीमाको ठाउँठाउँमा सरकार विहीनताका कारणले आतंककारी भेद्य चर्कन पुगेको र लस्कर-ए-तोइबाका सदस्य मोहम्मद ओमार मदनी नेपालको बाटो भएर नयाँदिल्लीतर्फगएको’ कुरा उल्लेख भएको छ ।

यिनै कारणले खुला सीमाको वैकल्पिक व्यवस्था खोज्नुपर्ने अवस्था आएको छ । यसका लागि ठुलो तामझाम गरिरहन पर्दैन । सामान्य संयन्त्रको विकास गरेमात्र पनि पुग्छ । केही समयअघिदेखि भारत तथा नेपालतर्फपनि सीमा-नाकामा सिसिटिभी जडान गरिएको छ । अब यहाँ गर्नुपर्ने मुख्य कुरो चाहिँ त्यस्ता केही सिसिटिभी सुरक्षा जाँच गर्ने लामो कोठामा जडान गरिएको हुनर्ुपर्छ । त्यस्ता कोठामा इन्डिकेटरयुक्त सुरक्षा ढोका राखिनु पर्छ । अनि सीमातर्फ जानलागेका सवारी साधनभित्रका यात्रुलाई समेत ओराली सुरक्षा जाँच कोठाबाट पैदल हिंडाउनु पर्छ ।

Belhiya-Nautanuwa Border Crossing


पैदल हिंडाउँदा यात्रुको नाम, थर, वतन तथा यात्राको अभ्रि्राय बताउन लगाउनु पर्छ । उदाहरणार्थ- ‘मेरो नाम फूलमाया तामाङ् हो, मेरो घर सिन्धुपाल्चोक जिल्ला सुनखानी गाविस वडा नं. ७ स्याउले गाउँ हो । भिनाजुपर्नेले बम्बै घुम्न जाउँ भनेकोले जान लागेको हुँ ।’ यसरी सुरक्षा जाँच गर्ने कोठाभित्रबाट सिसिटिभीको माध्यमद्वारा यात्रुको हाउभाउ, मुखाकृति, मनोविज्ञान अवस्था मनिटर गरिनर्ुपर्छ । यात्रुमाथि शंकालागे अथवा विलक्षणता देखाउने यात्रुलाई निस्कने ढोका नजिकैको प्रहरीले सोधपुछका लागि अर्को कोठामा लगेर केरकार गर्नुपर्छ । अवाञ्छित यात्रु ठहरिए कार्वाही गरिनु पर्छ । तर आदर्श यात्रु भए तत्काल सीमापार गर्न दिनर्ुपर्छ । यस्तो व्यवस्था पहिल्यै गरिएको भए गंगाविसन राठीले ‘मलाई अपहरण गरेर लैजान लागेको छ, मलाई बचाउनोस्’ भन्न सक्ने थिए र उनको ज्यान अनर्थमा जाने थिएन । बब्लु दुबेको हाउभाउ र विलक्षणता देखेरै उनी अन्तर्रर्ााट्रय सीमा-नाकामै पक्राउ पर्न सक्ने थिए । यसैले भविष्यमा हुने नेपाल-भारत सीमा सुरक्षा पदाधिकारीको बैठकमा विगत घटनाक्रमलाई हृदयंगम गरी रुमलिएको सीमालाई व्यवस्थित गर्न संयन्त्र विकास गर्ने सहमति गरी दुवै देशका जनताको शान्ति, सुरक्षा सुदृढ गर्ने कार्यमा ध्यान पुर्‍याइने छ भन्ने आशा गरौं ।

Greater Nepal Felicitation

Greater Nepal Felicitation

          Greater Nepal National Weekly organized a program at Reporters Club Hall, Kathmandu on 18 May 2013 to felicitate Border Expert Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Senior Littérateur Ms. Jaleswori Shrestha and Director of Greater Nepal Documentary Film Manoj Pandit.

          Chief Guest of the program, Senior Advocate and Chairman of Nepal Press Council Borna Bahadur Karki presented the brass plaque of Letter of Felicitation to Madan Puraskar Winner-Border Expert-Writer Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, on behalf of Greater Nepal Weekly, decorating with the Khada, the traditional scarf as an emblem of peace, happiness and prosperity. Following sentences have been engraved in the Letter of Felicitation brass plaque:-


Mother and motherland are greater than heaven

First Anniversary of Greater Nepal National Daily


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Letter of Felicitation

This Letter of Felicitation has been presented to

Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha

                               as an emblem of the nation in recognition of his very important

                                      contribution for the extensive research revealing the

                                             facts and figures regarding the protection of

                                                     nationalism and national integrity.


                                                                                           Surendra Prasad Dhakal


                                                                                             Publisher and Editor

                                                                    Greater Nepal National Weekly


          Chairman of the program and Publisher/Editor of Greater Nepal Weekly Surendra Dhakal presented the Latter of Felicitation to Ms. Jaleswori Shrestha and Manoj Pandit. Ms. Sofia Pandit received the plaque on behalf of her husband Manoj Pandit, as Mr. Pandit was out of Kathmandu Valley. 7

          Receiving the letter of felicitation, Border Expert Buddhi Narayan Shrestha thanked the Greater Nepal Weekly, as he was honored by the Weekly. He recalled that he was interviewed by the Weekly and it was published in the first issue of the newspaper. He said he had not approached for the honour. But the Weekly had decided to felicitate him and the Editor of the Weekly asked him to accept the honor. And he accepted it after some conversation with the Editor in telephone.


          Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, as the recipient of Greater Nepal Felicitation said, the issues of sovereignty, nationality and integrity of the nation raised by the Weekly are very relevant and it was necessary for the existence of the country. The Nepalese people have experienced sorrowfulness loosing one third of the nation, with the effect of Treaty of Sugauli- 1816.

            But Nepal could regain the lost territory of Greater Nepal while Nepal will be prosperous and developed as China, in terms of economy, political diplomacy and development of science and technology. Everywhere in the world there are China made merchandise and machinery, electronic goods and materials. So China has dominated economically to most of the countries of the world. Secondly, China is an emerging nation in the United Nations as super power. Thirdly, it has been advancing in the field of science and technology from artificially creating rains to satellite launching.


          When Nepal will be developed as China, there will be a great possibility to get back the lost portion of the then Greater Nepal. But it may take time. Even if we don’t get back our former territory in our life time, our sons and grand-sons will be able to fetch it. As there are examples as China drew back the lost territory of Hongkong Kowloon after 155 years from Britain. Similarly, China was able to regain Macau after 400 years. It has to be understood that British Empire had ceded that territory making the treaty as similar as the Treaty of Sugauli which was taken place between Nepal and British East India Company. China ultimately pulled back that lost territory from Britain. And why not to retain back the lost territory of Greater Nepal ? It may take some decades and it is the fact. For this, Nepal has to be economically prosperous and developed as in the scale of China.


          On the other hand some of the spots of our present boundary of Nepal have been encroached. There are disputes, conflicts, claim and counter-claims, and cross-border occupations in 71 spots along Nepal-India border line. These disputed areas have been computed as 60,662 hectares of land. During the last ten years period, disputed spots have been increased from 53 to 71 places and 60,000 to 60,662 hectares.

            There are conflicts on the border with China as well at the border of Dolakha district. There is also a controversy on the height of Mount Everest with China.

          We have to protect our national boundary ourselves. None of the countries will take care to preserve our border. We don’t have to blame our neighbors that our frontier areas have been encroached by them. This is due to our weakness and lethargic; and our border has been encroached. We ourselves must be alert and defend as necessary. We and our government are week, careless, pessimist and apathetic concerning our boundary of Nepal. So our border is being encroached time and often.


          Nepali young generation must come forward to protect and preserve our boundary. All we have to create awareness and this message should be reached to the countries of the world. We have to build intellectual pressure to our government to talk to our neighboring countries for the peaceful solution of the border issues. In fact, this is the business of the State or head of the government. The civic society would have to raise and highlight the matters and provide suggestions to put pressure to the government authorities. Ultimately, border business must be tackled by the concerned authorities. If the State uses to raise the voice, the neighbors hear it and here comes the ways and means to resolve the outstanding border issues. But it is a matter of sorrowfulness that our government is apathetic to resolve the border issues with the neighboring countries. The government should not let encroach our territory. We have to be sensitive for even an inch of land. If one square kilometer of the territory is being encroached, hundreds of Nepali citizens inhabited on that portion of land, may become the alien.


          At the end of speech, Buddhi Narayan Shrestha wished Greater Nepal weekly will always be able and active to create awareness and build pressure in terms of protection of the national boundary of Nepal. The honour and felicitation given to him by Greater Nepal Weekly has encouraged and enthusiasm to make further research study and publicize the factual accounts in the field of protection and preservation of national boundary of Nepal. Lastly, he thanked Greater Nepal Weekly family once again for offering him letter of felicitation.

          Ms. Jaleswori Shrestha, the other recipient of honor said she was motivated and inspired to write on the issue of women of Nepal visualizing their anxiety, harassment, trouble, pain and distress. The honor provided by Greater Nepal Weekly has added her responsibility to create literature in an energetic manner in future.



          Chief Guest of the program and Chairman of Nepal Press Council Borna Bahadur Karki congratulated Buddhi Narayan Shrestha on receiving honor from Greater Nepal Weekly, as Shrestha is creating awareness to the Nepali society on the matters of national boundary and its preservation. He also congratulated to two other fellows who received the honor. He said the whole press community should be united on the issue of nationality. He further said the movement of Greater Nepal raised by the Weekly is timely and appropriate in view of the protection of nationality and national feeling. This movement should be continued in the days to come as well.


          Chairman of the program and Editor/Publisher of Greater Nepal Weekly Surendra Dhakal highlighted the reasons to publish the Greater Nepal Weekly newspaper. He said that nationality of Nepal bas been entangled into grave and crucial danger. Boundary of Nepal has been encroached day by day and it has shrunken. But our political leaders are not serious on it. Rather they are becoming the broker agents of India to sit on the chair and continue their power to be remained in the government for long.


          He further said Greater Nepal Weekly newspaper has been published with an objective to create awareness and to save the nationality of Nepal and to get back the lost territory of Greater Nepal, as it was affected by the Treaty of Sugauli- 1816. Our well wishers have made a curiosity whether the newspaper will be continued or not in future. Editor Dhakal committed and assured to all that ‘Greater Nepal Weekly will not die till he is alive’ and future generation will carry it on.

          In the beginning of the program Managing Director of the newspaper Krishna Dulal welcomed all the guests and said- nationalism is going to be endangered and Greater Nepal Weekly has created public opinion on the matter of nationalism. He opined that the newspaper is transmitting the peoples’ view in an energetic manner and it should be reached to huge number of readers.


            Columnist of the newspaper and Senior Journalist Dambar Giri expressed that Hong Kong, Macau and various other territories of the world have been returned back after hundreds of years. In this context, lost territories of Greater Nepal, including Darjeeling could be returned and taken back in future. He appreciated that Surendra Dhakal himself is engaged for the last twenty years in the movement of Greater Nepal.

          Another guest and Chairman of Federation of Nepalese Journalists Kathmandu Branch Govinda Chaulagain expressed his opinion that Greater Nepal Weekly has done Mission Journalism with an objective to save nationalism. Nepalese territory has been encroached and this act is not stopped. Nationality of Nepal is going to be endangered day after day. In such a situation the issue raised by the Greater Nepal Weekly is contextual and appreciable. He wished- may the future of the newspaper to raise the voice to regain the lost territory of Nepal be more powerful and very popular. He expressed all the best to the newspaper and recipients of Greater Nepal Honor, including Border Expert Buddhi Narayan Shrestha.



Collection from Kantipur Daily, Gorkhapatra Daily 19 May 2013 and Greater Nepal Weekly 24 May 2013.


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