Fencing Nepal-India Border

Fencing Nepal-India Border

There are two facets of the same coin on the boundaries of various countries of the world. One is the border demarcation and the other is border management. Regarding border management, there are three types of practices all over the world- open border, regulated border and close border.

There is a regulated border management between Nepal and China. But it has the open border regime between Nepal and India. This is porous and vagabond border. People of both the countries can cross the border from anywhere, any time or so many times a day. It has created a head ache for both the countries. Because criminals commit crimes in one country and they can easily cross the international boundary and hide on the other side of the border. Such is the case of cross-border terrorists, girls and women trafficking, smuggling of narcotic drugs, abduction of men and children, smuggling of goods, materials and machinery etc.

To obstruct and stop all these illegal activities across the border, it is necessary to introduce ID Card system while crossing the international border. Alternatively, the CCTV should be fixed into a room with the metal detector gate, instead of tying the CCTV on the branch of a tree presently. The travelers should pass through that CCTV room speaking his name, address, and purpose of travel. The CCTV should be monitored digitally from the inner room by the security people. As the traveler starts to speak, if his voice is shirking and trying to make lie and mention his fake name and address with deformed red face, he should be asked to come to the other inner room. And he must be interrogated by the security personnel, who is watching him while crossing the door of the room. If he is suspected to be a criminal or terrorist during inquiry, he must be stopped and arrest him for further investigation. For example, if a girl traveler says-  My name is Fulmaya Tamang, my home is in Betrawoti VDC in Rasuwa District and I am going to Mumbai with my brother-in-law for a week, as he asked me to have a short visit to Mumbai. If such traveler want to cross the border, she should be inquired and interrogated with the accompanying brother-in-law. If the man is really trafficking to sell her to Mumbai, he should be arrested there and then. If this system is adopted, 50 percent of the illegal crossing of the international border will be stopped.

The next alternative is to fencing the frontier along Nepal-India border. But there must have 360 exit/entry points; and the travelers and the people of both the frontiers must cross the border from these crossing-points. But there should never have the close border system between Nepal and India, as there is age old relationship not only in the government level but also in the people to people level.

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