Where is our border ?

Where is our border ?

Please show us, we shall protect it

The local people of Thori (Parsa District) asked the Chief District Officer (CDO)  Kailash Kumar Bajimaya on 4 February 2014-  “Where is our borer ? Please show us the border limit of our national boundary, we shall guard that border. Today you have come to visit this spot and you will go back tomorrow. But we are the people to fight and protect the border.”  It was questioned  as an expression while the CDO, Chief Survey Officer, Security Officer and other officials had visited Thori.

Thori is located 70 kilometer west of district headquarter Birganj. There have been confrontations time and again on this point of the border. Recently, 200 Indian Special Security Bureau (SSB) personnel infiltrated the Nepali territory with arms and weapons and obstructed the construction of Bit Office Building of Maiti Nepal (saviour and watch dog of trafficking girls and women). But Nepali local people protested the Indian SSB and there was nearly a situation of confrontation. Ultimately, Nepali people chased the Indian SSB beyond the border.

The local people says-   five villages including Bhikhana Thori of India have been depending upon the water, flowing from Nepal, for their drinking water and irrigation purposes. Nepal had provided them the water regularly. But now the Indian SSB personnel have intruded Nepali frontier up to the Parewa Bhitta area to capture the territory up to the very source of the the water. This is mysterious and deplorable.

Some years ago, construction of a bridge on Thute Khola stream by Nepal government on the Nepali frontier was obstructed by Indian SSB claiming that land to them . Due to tolerance and kind heartened  Nepal government, the construction work was stopped and still stranded. The local people including Ekraj Neupane says-  India intends to amalgamate our Nepali territory of Thori into their Indian Bhikhana Thori frontier.

This incident shows that the local people have made an expression and they have shown their willingness as a symbol-    ‘if the government is not able to protect the national boundary of Nepal, the local people will do it. The most important thing is to show them the national boundary line of Nepal.

Inoffensive Nepal on the Boundaries

Thori Nira Seemana

Buddhi Narayan Shrestha

                  Buddhi Narayan Shrestha

                                 Ma Nepali Monthly Magazine, August-September 2013.

Nepali territory of Kalapani-Limpiyadhur has been encroached by India. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha is the first man to enumerate the area as 37,000 hectare of that portion. Last time, he has raised the fact that Nepalese territory has been disputed,  conflicted, encroached and cross-holding occupied in 71 spots and places. In connection to his study, he has written books on the boundary and border management of Nepal, knowledge on boundaries, India-Nepal frontier barrage, border war etc. He has been awarded Madan Puraskar (Prize) in writing the book ‘Boundary of Nepal.’ He has been felicitated and honoured by more than 26 organizations and institutions. He is worried  that the geography of the country is going to be shrinking, but it has to be protected. The government has to create congenial environment to protect the territory and to resolve the dispute through high level committee. If it is not settled amicably, it has to take the help of international world.

Ma Nepali

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