BBC Nepali Service- New Nepal Program

BBC Nepali Service
6 hours ago

Why the government is not successful to stop the continuing haphazard urbanization and plotting-planning of the land, and to implement the Land Use Policy  and regulations in different parts of Nepal ?

Concerning this issue, a discussion between former Secretary of the Ministry of Urban Development Kishore Thapa and former Director General of Survey Department Buddhi Narayan Shrestha,  is going to broadcast in BBC Nepali Service on 26 July 2014, Saturday after 8.45 PM in ‘New Nepal Program.’ Please try to listen it.

नेपालका विभिन्न स्थानमा जारी अव्यस्थित शहरिकरण र जग्गाहरुको ‘प्लटीङ’ रोक्न, र भू-उपयोगबारे सम्वन्धी नीति नियम कार्यान्वयन गर्न सरकार किन विफल?

त्यस विषयमा शहरि विकास मन्त्रालयका पूर्व सचिव किशोर थापा र नापी विभागका पूर्व महानिर्देशक बुध्दीनारायण श्रेष्ठबीचको छलफल शनिबार पौने नौ बजेपछि नयाँ नेपाल कार्यक्रममा प्रसारण हुँदैछ। सुन्ने प्रयास गर्नुहोला।


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