Demand for National Unity Day : King Prithivi Recalled

Nepal: Demand for National Unity Day,

              King Prithivi recalled


At an interaction program organized by ‘The Prithivi Narayan Shah Memorial Foundation’, speakers asked the government to declare Poush 27-the birth anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah as National Unity Day.
The day falls on January 11, next year.
This they have been doing since the country adopted the republican order but to no avail.
“Our national unity is facing gravest threat in the present unstable political environment,” they said while addressing a program held at the Reporters’ Club in Kathmandu, December 18, 2014.
Speaking at the program presided over by coordinator of the foundation Bharat Basnet, the general secretary of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal Chandra Bahadur Gurung while urging the nationalist forces to unite said, “King Prithivi Narayan Shah was the one who united the entire country and recognizing his contributions national unity day must be celebrated.”
Former communist leader Modanath Prashrit expressed that the present day leaders for their petty personal interest are conspiring to split the country into several pieces.
“This is the time for nationalists to unite to celebrate the national unity day,” he said.
“Under the influence of western powers country was declared a secular state. It was a disaster as far as preserving our unique identity was concerned,” said Prashrit.
Buddhi Narayana Shrestha- the border expert, “He did not allow British imperialists to advance towards north. He said that the southern rulers were witty and advised to forge intimate relations with the northern neighbor. He had also said that we should not allow the foreign traders to move north of Rasuwagadi. The present day rulers are signing one agreement after another. PTA and PDAs have been signed. Will this bode well for our country,” he asked.
“This is the right time for the Nepali Congress and the United Marxist Leninist to correct their past blunders. To begin with they can celebrate the national unity day,” urged historian Ramesh Dhungel.
“No one in our history except the great king has made serious contribution to preserve our sanctity,” opined Historian Surendra K.C. “Those who do not celebrate Posuh 27 as National Unity Day are anarchists,” said Professor K.C.
“We will force the government to celebrate the national unity day,” so declared former Nepali Congress leader Haribol Bhattarai.
Senior Vice Chairman of World Hindu Federation Arjun Prasad Bastola opined that the western powers are making Nepal into a ground for experiment by influencing to undermine Nepal’s Hindu identity.
National Unity Celebration Activist Bharat Basnet highlighted on the need to celebrate the national unity day and a public holiday on that day.
“Their only objective is to make Nepal another Crimea.”
Telegraph Weekly online, 20 December 2014
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