Travelogue : Unforgetful Paris

Travelogue : Unforgetful Paris


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Birsana Nasakine Paris

I had visited Paris three times before. This time I had to go to attend and present a paper from Nepal entitled ‘Cross-Border Mobility Between Nepal and India’ in the international boundaries conference ‘Border Regions in Transition (BRIT)- xii.’


I had determined in Kathmandu before going to Paris that I get a picture in front of Eiffel Tower with a Nepali cap and I will download in my Face book. After check-in Appi Hotel in Paris I proceed to the Eiffel Tower by Metro via St-Michel. Before reaching the St-Michel Station an incident was occurred which is unforgetfulness in my life.


I entered into the Metro train in Etinne Marcel Station. The train was packed, so I had to stand up catching the steel railing. The train was running. I felt that somebody is touching the right heap pocket of my pant. I checked it and I found that the button of my pocket was unfastened. I thought, I had fastened the button but now it is unfastened. Having thought this, I checked my wallet, that was intact into my pocket. I fastened the button. At the very moment I felt that somebody has touched the left heap pocket of my pant and at the same moment, I heard a low sound of something like the scratching of a paper. I abruptly checked my pocket and there was no envelope into my pocket. And I automatically cried ‘Pick Pocketed’ and I instantly turned back. I saw some fellow passenger’s hand that has been half raised. And I suddenly looked at his face. He instantly said- ‘I amn’t.’ At the very moment, I abruptly looked at the floor of the train. An half folded envelope was lying. Automatically I cried ‘This is my envelope’ and I picked it up. At the very moment I saw the train has already stopped at the station and passengers were getting off. I also got off immediately from the train. The door of the train became shut and the train left the station. All these items of incidents had happened within half a minute time duration.


When I got off the train, I was rather nervous standing on the platform. I was slightly sweating and my eyes experienced a picture of red,blue, purple colours, and a kind of head ache. Then I sat down on a nearby bench. I had so many debates into my mind. If both of my pockets (wallet and envelope with Euro money) had been pick pocketed, what would be my condition in Paris ? If it was so, I would have only three Euro coin left. I had no any money into my suitcase and hand bag as well, which I had checked-in into the Hotel Appi.

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