About Myself

My name is

Buddhi Narayan Shrestha

449 / 69 GhatteKulo Marga

KMC- 32

Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977 1 4417450

Cell: 977 9841 311611

E-mail: bordernepal@gmail.com

Website: www.bordernepal.com

    • Researcher on especially Border Issues of Nepal with India and China and some other countries of the globe.
    • Managing Director, Bhumichitra Mapping Company P. Ltd.
    • Former Director General, Government Land Survey Department of Nepal.
    • Recipient of Madan Puraskar (Prize)- 2057.
    • Nepal Government Surveying License Holder (Chartered Surveyor).
  • Research, study, publications, presentations and discussions on the boundary of Nepal, border management and border related issues of Nepal and find out the means of its solution.
  • Contribute to protect the national boundary and obstruct encroachment from the neighboring countries.
  • Create awareness for national integrity, security and solidarity through the medium of border research and study.
  • Activist to save Nepal’s national boundary and to create pressure to maintain peace and security through proper management of border.
  • Characterized, for near about ten minutes of one and half hours audio-visual on the various spots of Nepal-India border encroachment and disputed areas, in the documentary film entitled “Greater Nepal- In Quest of Border” directed by Mr. Manoj Pandit, produced by Mr. Manoj RC, released on 12 September 2006.
  • Gained 27 years experience in Government Land Survey Department, including the post of Director General in framing and executing National Policy on Surveying and Mapping as well.
  • Obtained 20  years experience as the Managing Director in private sector Bhumichitra Mapping Company on land surveying, digital mapping and land & geographical information system (GIS); and preparation of reports and data related to the
  • Board Member, Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA), Tripureswor, Kathmandu.
  •            Chartered Surveyor in ADB Funding Project (Mapping and Managing Cadastral Database for GIS-based Municipal Information System of Biratnagar, Birgunj and Butawal Municipalities), May 2010 to November 2011

  •           Board Member (Survey Expert), Surveyor Licensing Examination Board of Govt. Survey Department, From November 2003 to October 2007.

  •           Member-Secretary, City Planning Commission, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), 2003-04.

  •           Council Member (Expert), Land Use Council, Ministry of Land Reform & Management, Kathmandu, April 2002 to March 2004.

  •         Leader of Nepal-India Technical Level Joint Boundary Committee, 1987-92 and Deputy Leader of Nepal-China Boundary Committee, 1988.

  •         Member-Secretary, Mapping Sub-Committee under Science and Technology Council, 1987-92.

  •           Member, Special Court relating to Land Surveying, Kaski- Pokhara, 1974-75.

Education :

  • Master Degree (Geography with Land Surveying), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1964.
  • Land Surveying, West Bengal Survey Institute, Calcutta, India, 1966-67.
  • Ph. D. Research Fellow (Border Issues of Nepal with special reference to the Demarcation of Mechi and Mahakali Riverine Segments and the Implications on Border Management System), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu.

Training :

  • Training Workshop on Boundary Demarcation & Maintenance, Durham University, International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU), United Kingdom, 13-16 September 2009.
  • Training Workshop on Negotiating International Boundaries, Durham University, International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU), United Kingdom, 6-9 April 2008.
  • Land Use Mapping- Rural Planning and Development, University of Guelph, Canada (1 year), 1982-83.
  • Land Information System, DSE Germany (3 months), 1986.
  • Remote Sensing Technology Training, Remote Sensing Technology Center, Tokyo, Japan (2 months), 1979.
  • In-Service Administrative Management Training, Department of Administrative Management, Kathmandu, Nepal (2 months) 1972.
  • Training-cum Workshop on Development Planning, Center for Economic Development and Administration (CEDA) Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal (Six Weeks) 1978.
  • Consulting Methods and Skills, MAN/USAID, Kathmandu, Nepal (2 Weeks), 1993.

Study :

  • Study of Nepal-India Boundary Maps and Documents in the Library of Congress, Washington DC- USA, 25 May to 14 June 1999, 6-20 November 2000, 8-29 October 2003, 21 to 30 June 2007 and 29 September to 13 October 2009.
  • Study of Nepal-India Boundary Maps and Documents at Harvard College Library, Harvard Pusey Map Collection Library and Harvard Law Library, Boston- USA, 18 to 23 August 2003, 8 to 15 June 2007 and 26 October to 19 November 2009.
  • Study of Nepal-India Boundary Maps, Documents and Treaties at British Library (India Office Records & Collections20 April 2008 and 15-19 April 2008.), London- UK, 8-21 August 1998 & 9-20 April 2006, and 15-20 April 2008.
  • Study of the Historical Maps of Nepal-India-China Tri-junction Points at National Library of China, Beijing, 7-13 October 2001.
  • Study of the historical documents and papers on boundary of Nepal in various Libraries of Nepal, including Keshar Pustakalaya, Madan Pustakalaya, National Library, Archeology Library, British Library, American Reading Room etc. in Kathmandu,

Professional Experience :

  • Written and published more than 400 articles on various subject matters, especially
    border issue related themes in various Daily, Weekly and Monthly Newspapers,
    Magazines and Journals.


  • More than 90 Presentation on border related issues of Nepal at home country
    (including to the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Committees) and more than 20
    other presentations abroad (including United States, London. Japan, China, Russia,
    South Korea, France, Belgium etc) in Seminar, Workshop and Interaction Programs.


  • More than 330 interviews in electronic media, including BBC London Nepali Service
    (Radio), Nepali TV London and local Television Channels and Radio on border
    demarcation and management related issues of Nepal.


  • Moe than 120 interviews in paper media and more than140 items of news in paper
    media have been published by local newspapers on boundary related subject
    matters of Nepal.


  • Conducted GPS data collection work of 12 Municipalities of Nepal for the purpose
    of floating Vehicle Navigation Information, as the Team Leader for Riding Consulting
    Engineers India P. Ltd. New Delhi, India from May- September 2011.


  • Conducted Global Position System (GPS) Satellite Survey of Namche, Lukla and
    peripheral area in 1997 in connection to the determination of the height of Mount
    Everest for National Science Foundation and Boston Museum of Science, USA.


  • Contributed to start the Satellite Geodesy System for the first time in Nepal with the
    help of University of Colorado, Boulder- USA in 1989.


  • Initiated for high resolution aerial photography and digital mapping of Mount Everest-Khumbu Region with the collaboration of National Science Foundation and Boston Museum of Science, USA in 1988.


  • Prepared background paper in high priority area on Land Use Development and
    Land Consolidation Action Plan in the Tenth Five Year Plan as a member of Tenth
    Plan Formulation Support Team, National Planning Commission / ADB, Kathmandu,
    in 2002.


  • More than 25 consultancy works have been done in the field of surveying, mapping
    (including digital mapping field works, vehicle navigation survey), land use, land
    reform, cadastral survey, land pooling, land administration, land management,
    agricultural mapping, planning, GPS field observations etc.


  • 27 years professional experience in Government Land Survey Department from
    the post of Survey Officer to Chief Survey Officer, Deputy Director General and
    Director General.
    􀂈 􀂈

Publications :

Seven printed books and research papers have been published in the magazines and journals:

      • Junge-Buddhe (Book in Devanagari), 2016.
      • Border War (Book in Devanagari), 2013.          
      • Indo-Nepal Frontier Dams (Book in Devanagari), 2009.
      • Knowledge on Boundary (Book in Devanagari), 2008.
      • Border Management of Nepal (Book), 2003.
      • Border Management in the context of National Security (Book in Devanagari), 2002.
      • Boundary of Nepal (Book in Devanagari), 2000.
      • Cadastral Surveying for Public Usefulness (Book in Devanagari), 1981.
      • Jhapa Digdarshan (Acquaintances) (Book in Devanagari), Co-author, 2011.
      • Nepal-India and China Treaty (Book in Vernacular), Co-author, 2009.
      • Disputes on Federalism and Nationality (Book in Vernacular), Co-author, 2009.
      • Nationalism in the context of Nepal (Book in Vernacular), Co-author, 2008.
      • Facts of Indian Encroachment on Susta (Book in Vernacular), Co-author, 2005.
      • Chief Editor, MILAN Magazine, JICA Alumni Association of Nepal.
      • The State of Nepal Real Estate Today, Asia-Pacific Real Estate Congress, Osaka- Japan, 29 September 2005.
      • Impact of Open Border between Nepal and India, Nepal Vision Publication of Nepalese Association of Huston, Texas- USA, Vol.3, Issue- 1, October 2002.
      • National Report on Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Activities in Nepal: International Archives of ISPRS, Amsterdam- Netherlands 23 July 2000.
      • Nepal National Report on Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing: International Archives of PRS Vol. XXXI, Part B-6, Vienna- Austria, 15 July 1996.
      • Uplift in the Nepal Himalaya Revealed by Spirit Leveling: Shrestha, Bilham et. al. (Geophysical Research Letters- USA), Vol. 19, No 15, Pages 1539-1542, August 3, 1992.
      • Gravity and the Geoid in the Nepal Himalaya: Shrestha, Bilham, Faller et. al. www.ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/ casi/ 19920005342_1992005342.pdf, 1990.

Articles Published :

Various articles have been published in the daily, weekly newspapers, journal and periodicals:

    • Qualification of Taxi Driver and Minister (Kantipur Daily), 28 March 2013.
    • Referendum on Boundaries (Nagarik Daily), 4 March 2013.
    • Shifting Borders, Politics and Identity (Telegraph Weekly), 13 February 2013. Read Detail…..
    • Nepal: India intends to shift border pillars to the south (Telegraph Weekly), 30 January 2013. Read Detail…..
    • Are the leaders seeking Second Mahendra ? (Kantipur Daily), 25 January 2013.
    • Nepal-India Boundary Delimitation (Telegraph Weekly), 23 January 2013.
    • Nepal-China: Case Study of Shifting Border (Telegraph Weekly), 16 January 2013. Read Detail…..
    • Relevancy of Prithvi Narayan (Kantipur Daily), 10 January 2013.
    • Follow up Study of JICA Nepal Education Programme (MILAN Annual Magazine), 27 December 2012.
    • Armed Police Contribution in the Border Area (APF Annual Special Souvenir), 10 October 2012.
    • The is a Border in the Sky and up to center of the Earth (Dawanli Milan Club Souvenir), October 2012.
    • Encroached land after Sugauli Treaty (Abhigyan Quarterly), September 2012.
    • Why not be Border Regulated ? (Annual Gyan Bindu), March 2012.
    • International Airport as Boundary Poing (rajdhani Daily), 6 August 2012.
    • SSB Camp at Junge Pillar (Kantipur Daily), 10 July 2012.
    • Lesson from Murder: Need of Integrated Security (Kantipur Daily), 14 June 2012.
    • Basis of State Demarcation (Kantipur Daily), 28 February 2012.
    • Talk of Nepal Merge and Sub-merge (Annapurna Post Daily), 17 February 2012.
    • Nepal-China Border Business (Kantipur Daily), 16 February 2012.
    • Appropriateness in Road Widening Movement (Kantipur Daily), 22 January 2012.
    • Prithvi Narayan Shah and present State Re-structuring (Nepal Samacharpatra Daily), 11 January 2012.
    • Naming of Federal States (Annapurna Post Daily), 6 January 2012.
    • Identity of Ability ? (Nagarik Daily), 4 January 2012.
    • China’s Concern and our Priority (Kantipur Daily), 11 December 2011.
    • Nepal Council of World Affars Election 2010 (Annual Journal of NCWA), December 2011.
    • Scrutinizing Defence Minister’s Controversial Expression (Kantipur Daily), 13 October 2011.
    • Earthquake Epi-centre into Nepal (Kantipur Daily), 27 September 2011.
    • Let me work (Nagarik Daily), 21 September 2011.
    • Dignity of National Dress (Kantipur Daily), 31 August 2011.
    • Block out the Bombers (Kathmandu Post Daily), 9 August 2011.
    • Ghost of Laden (Kantipur Daily), 23 July 2011.
    • Role of youths in Border Business (JCI Souvenir), July 2011.
    • Security Concern related to Boundary (Kantipur Daily), 12 May 2011.
    • Haste to Sign Border Strip-Map (Kantipur Daily), 29 April 2011.
    • Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood Yelled (Blog), 23 April 2011. Read Detail…..
    •  Concerning Susta Encroachment (Meghawi Monthly) 28 April 2011.
    • Question after question to New Prime Minister (Kantipur Daily), 6 February 2011.
    • Indian Minister Unknowingly into Nepali Territory (Gyanbindu Yearly), February 2011.
    • Our Magazine MILAN (MILAN Yearly Magazine), January 2010.
    • Nexus of Open Border (Weekly Mirror), 31 December 2010. Read Detail…..
    • Boundary after the regain of New Territory (Kantipur Daily), 15 November 2010.
    • Border Management and Cross-border Crime (Swadhinta Monthly), October-November 2010.
    • Meaning of Swaying of Election Commission (Kantipur Daily), 26 October 2010.
    • Matter of Diplomacy (Kantipur Daily), 22 September 2010.
    • Nepal-China Border Inspection (Kantipur Daily), 8 September 2010.
    • The Other Frontier (Kathmandu Post Daily), 31 August 2010. Read Detail…..
    • Activity related to Weak Border (Kantipur Daily), 22 August 2010.
    • Let us Remember our Birthplace (Kaushiki Bimonthlly), July-August 2010.
    • Nepal-China Boundary 3rd Joint Inspection in the Process (Republica Daily), 16 July 2010. Read Detail…..
    • Open Border and India’s security Concern (Telegreaph Weekly), 7 July 2010. Read Detail…..
    • Height of Mt. Everest (Nagarik Daily- Akshyar), 26 June 2010.
    • Indo-Nepal Yoga Diplomacy (Kantipur Daily), 3 April 2010.
    • JICA Alumni Association of Nepal (JAAN) Community Development Building (Annual Milan Magazine), 19 Mach 2010.
    • Nepal’s National Integrity (Haank Weekly Special Issue), 15 March 2010.
    • Kalapani Disputes has now Internationalized (Pepole’s Weelky), 11 March 2010.
    • Border Issue and Diplomacy (Greatway Bi-monthly), February-Mach 2010.
    • Doubt after the Postponement of Kalapani visit (Kantipur Daily), 19 January 2010.
    • Border Problem and Encroachment (Koshi Monthly), 29 January 2010.
    • Let us think before Signing the Strip-maps (Kantipur Daily), 19 June 2009.
    • Border Security and Role of Nepal Army (Ruprekha Weekly), 9 June 2009.
    • Border Security and National Integrity in connection to Constitution Drafting (Kanoon Bi-monthly), 28 April 2009.
    • Relevancy on Nepal’s Land Management Agency (Bhumi Sandesh Annual Issue), 14 April 2009.
    • Housing Business in the form of an Industry (Kantipur Daily), 2 April 2009.
    • International Principle adopted for River Segment Demarcation (Hamro Sampada Monthly), 3 March 2009.
    • Doesn’t have the Map of Kalapani ? (Kantipur Daily), 27 February 2009.
    • Boundary in the context of Constitution writing (Kantipur Daily), 19 February 2009.
    • Talking about Kalapani-Susta (Kantipur Daily), 14 December 2008.
    • Why to Abandon Open Border as Wanton (Kantipur Daily), 12 September 2008
    • Merging Nepal and India as New Nepal (JanaDharana Weekly), 3 July 2008.
    • Merging India into Nepal (Telegraph Weekly), 25 June 2008.
    • International Boundaries Conference : Nepal’s Position (Gorkhapatra Daily), 19 June 2008.
    • Himalayan Republic (Kathmandu Post Daily), 14 June 2008.
    • Border Security Work to Peoples’ Army (Kantipur Daily), 4 June 2008.
    • Revision of 1950 Treaty (Kathmandu Post Daily), 15 May 2008.
    • Replace or Review 1950 Treaty (People’s Review Weekly), 15-21 May 2008.
    • Review or Abrogate 1950 Treaty (Gorkhapatra Daily), 8 May 2008.
    • Management and Ascertainment of Border Disputes.(Gorkhapatra Daily), 6 May 2008.
    • Army’s Role in Border Management and its Realistic Position (Annapurna Post Daily), 6 March 2008.
    • Unresolved Item : Nepal-India Border Demarcation (Weekly Mirror), 15 February 2008.
    • Unbaked Border Problem (Kantipur Daily), 18 January 2008.
    • Birth of Madhes (Kantipur Daily), 23 December 2007.
    • Public Opinion on Border Management (Kantipur Daily), 5 November 2007.
    • Question Mark on Border Management (Kantipur Daily), 25 September 2007.
    • Why Demarcation due date is Postponed? (Naya Patrika Daily), 3 September 2007.
    • Alertness in Border Disintegration (Kantipur Daily), 29 July 2007.
    • Open Border and Revenue Leakage (Weekly Mirror), 24 May 2007.
    • Nepal’s Border problems: Unavoidable Management (Janayakata Weekly), 16 April 2007.
    • Madhes and Open Border (Kantipur Daily), 18 March 2007.
    • Nepal-India Border Management and Challenges (Samaya Weekly Magazine), 1 February 2007.
    • Nepal-China-India Border Demarcation (Kantipur Daily), 5 January 2007.
    • Twenty-five Years of Demarcation (Kantipur Daily), 15 November 2006.
    • Nepal-India Border Demarcation (Kathmandu Post Daily), 13 November 2006.
    • Lhasa’s Railway to Khasa (Kantipur Daily), 15 October 2006.
    • Open Border, Madesh and Citizenship (Rajdhani Daily), 14 September 2006.
    • Why Country’s Border would be Encroached ? (Pramukh Sachetak Weekly), 3 September 2006.
    • Nathula Border-Point and Nepal’s Transit (Gorkhapatra Daily), 6 August 2006.
    • Maoist Army and Border Security (Nepal Samacharpatra Daily), 30 July 2006.
    • Guarding Indo-Nepal Border (Kathmandu Post Daily), 20 February 2006.
    • Border Transmigration), Samakalin Weekly), 2 February 2006.
    • Regulating Nepal-India Border (Kathmandu Post Daily), 22 November 2005.
    • Regulating Nepal-India Border (Kathmandu Post Daily), 17 November 2005.
    • New Step in Border Crossing (Kantipur Daily), 16 November 2005.
    • Susta: Being Encroached by the Neighbor (Jana Ekata Weekly), 5 September 2005.
    • Nepal-India Border Dispute: Encroachment on Susta (Gorkhapatra Daily), 4 September 2005.
    • Nepal: Transit Country (Kantipur Daily), 4 September 2005.
    • Settling Susta Border Dispute (Kathmandu Post Daily), 26 and 27 August 2005.
    • Intelligent Diplomacy to Save Kalapani (Kantipur Daily), 15 May 2005.
    • Legitimacy of Lipulekh Pass (Kathmandu Post Daily), 10 and 11 May 2005.
    • Nepal-China Demarcation: Token of Friendship (Kantipur Daily), 31 March 2005.
    • Difficulty on Nepal-India Open Border (Nepal Samacharpatra Daily), 18 March 2005.
    • Multi-purpose ID Card in relation to Border Management (Kantipur Daily), 23 February 2005.
    • Barbed Wire Fencing on both sides of Customs (Kantipur Daily), 10 February 2005.
    • Questions Related to Outer Ring Road (Kantipur Daily), 3 January 2005.
    • Borer is being encroached (Kantipur Daily), 17 December 2004.
    • Dam is constructed for India, Nepal’s Land is Submerged (Kantipur Daily), 5 October 2004.
    • Nepal-India Border (People’s Review Weekly), 23 September 2004.
    • More than 120 other articles on border issues; such as demarcation, delineation, management, encroachment, dispute, conflict and related subject matters have been published in various Daily, Weekly and Monthly Newspapers and Magazines.
    • Some other articles in local newspapers and magazines have been published on the topics such as: Nepal as a Transit Country, Mapping A Development Process, Does Nepal Need Maps or Chemical Fertilizer ?, Application of Maps on Media, The Height of Mount Everest, Mt. Everest Gains Height, Royalty of Mountaineering on Nepal Himalaya, Kanchanjunga: Five Treasures of the Snow, Mt. Machhapuchhre: Curiosity of its Virginity, Chinese and Indian Army meet in Lipulek Pass, Problems of Human Settlement, Earthquake Possibility in Nepal, Declining Trend of Land Price, Inundation Problem and its Remedy, Who is a Surveyor, Ethics of a Surveyor, Need of Licensing in Nepali Surveyor Profession, etc. in various dates.

Presentation :

Some of the presentations, lectures and discussions concerning Boundary of Nepal, Border Management, Border Issues of Nepal and means of its solutions:


    • Greater Nepal and Present Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution (Presentation and Discussion with the Nepalese Community) Seoul- South Korea, 18 November 2012.   
    • Natural Environment  and Shifting Borders of Nepal (BRIT-XII International Boundary Conference) Fukuoka- Japan and Busan- south Korea, 13-16 November 2012.
    • International Conference  on ‘Fences, Walls and Border: State of Insecurity?’ organized by the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), Canada (Border Fences, Walls and Identities of Nepal), 17 May 2011.
    • Discussion Series, Boston, USA (Insecure Border of Nepal), 1 November 2009.
    • Pasa Pucha Guthi, London- UK (Encroachment of Nepalese Territory by India), 16 April 2008.
    • Non-Resident Nepali Moscow Chapter, Moscow- Russia (Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution), 21 April 2006.
    • London Chhalphal (Discussion), London- UK (Sovereignty at Stake: Nepal’s Border Disputes with India and China), 20 April 2006.
    • 7th International conference organized by International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU), Durham, UK, (Insecure Border Management of Nepal), 5-7 April 2006.
    • America-Nepal Society, Washington DC- USA (Border Issues of Nepal: Its Solution), 28 September 2003.
    • Rocky Mountain Friends of Nepal, Denver, Colorado- USA, (Border Issue of Nepal), 18 September 2003.
    • Nepalese Association in Houston, Houston Texas- USA, (Border Issue of Nepal), 14 September 2003.
    • Greater Boston Nepalese Community, Boston- USA, (Border Issue of Nepal), 23 August 2003.
    • Royal Nepalese Embassy, Beijing and Nepalese nationals and students in Beijing (Border Issues of Nepal), 12 October 2001.
    • Nepalese Association in Japan and Royal Nepalese Embassy, Tokyo (Border Issues of Nepal), 6 October 2001.
    • America-Nepal Society, Washington DC- USA, (Boundary of Nepal), 12 November 2000.
    • Greater Boston Nepalese Community, Boston- USA, (Border Issue of Nepal), 15 May 1999.
    • Yeti Nepali Society, London- UK, , (Boundary of Nepal), 19 August 1998.


  • Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution (Rotary Club of Chandragiri, Pulchowk, Patan), 12 January 2013.
  • Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution (Rastriya Janamorcha Training, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur), 9 January 2013.
  • Security Concern and Border Management of Nepal (Army Command and Staff College, Shivapuri), 8 July 2012.
  • International Boundary of Nepal (Land Management Training Centre, Dhulikhel), 9 November 2012
  • Security Concern and Border Management of Nepal (Army Command and Staff College, Shivapuri), 19 October 2011.
  • Cadastral Map Handling and Indexing for Parcel Information Management (Institutional Strengthening of Municipalities ADB Project, Kathmandu), 2 August 2011.
  • Role of International Boundaries and Conflict Resolution (Survey Department, organized at Dhulikhel), 17 June 2011
  • Nepal’s International Boundary: Principle, Convention and Practices (Land Management Training Institute), 22 April 2011.
  • Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution (Elite Club, Biratnagar), 6 January 2011.
  • Security Concern and Border Management of Nepal (Army Command and Staff College), 18 November 2010.
  • Sangutar Society and Parasparik Savings and Credit Co-operative (Nepal’s Border Problems and its Solution), 26 June 2010.
  • Rotary Club of Patan, Lalitpur (Nepal’s Border Problem and Solution), 22 March 2010.
  • Armed Police Force Training Academy, Halchowk, Kathmandu (Border Security and Management), 8 January 2010.
  • International Relation and Human Rights Committee of Constitution Assembly, Singh Darbar (Border Encroachment and its Solution), 9 September 2009.
  • All Nepal National Free Student Union, Kathmandu (Protection of Nepal’s Sovereignty and Common Responsibility), 29 July 2009.
  • Armed Police Force Head Quarter, Halchowk, Kathmandu (National Security and Border Management), 28 July 2009.
  • Public Advocacy Forum. Lalitpur (Historical Background on Border Encroachment), 11 July 2009.
  • Nepal History Association, Kathmandu (Nepal-India Border Dispute in the context of Demarcation), 10 July 2009.
  • Press Council Nepal, Kathmandu (Nepal-India Border Issue and Media), 30 June 2009.
  • Service for Unpreviliged Section of Society, Lalitpur (Border Encroachment and Nationality), 27 June 2009.
  • Current Affairs Study Society, Bhaktapur (Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution), 26 June 2009.
  • Collective Campign for Peace, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu (How to Settle the border Problems of Nepal Peacefully), 14 June 2009. Rotary Club of Bagmati, Kathmandu (Border Issues of Nepal and Responsibility of Government), 8 June 2009.
  • Kathmandu University, School of Geomatic Engineering, Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok (Border Extent and Height of Mt. Everest), 27 May 2009.
  • Martin Chautari, Kathmandu (Role of Youths to Protect the National Boundary of Nepal), 2 May 2009.
  • Retire Nepal Police Organization, Dhapasi, Kathmandu (Workshop on Integrated Border Security Management), 25 April 2009.
  • Jaycees, Kathmandu (Border management in connection to constitution writing), 6 February 2009.
  • Patriotic Republican Unity Campaign, Anamnagar, Kathmandu (Border encroachment of Nepal and frontier dams constructed by India), 5 February 2009.
  • Constitution Assembly, Committee on Protection of National Interests, Singha Darbar, Kathmandu (Management of international boundary of Nepal in connection to new constitution drafting), 24 January 2009.
  • Madan Bhandari Memorial College, Ratopul Kathmandu (What is the technical fact on border issues, especially Susta encroachment), 5 January 2009.
  • Rastriya Janamorcha (National United Front), Kathmandu (National Integrity and Border Encroachment), 28 December 2008.
  • Rastriya Prajantra Party Nepal, Kathmandu (Details on Susta Encroachment and its solution), 28 November 2008.
  • Nepal Army Command and Staff College, Shivapuri, Kathmandu (Territorial Border Disputes with Neighboring States), 17 November 2008.
  • Rastriya Janamorcha (National United Front) Instruction Training Center, Sanothimi Bhaktapur (Border Issues of Nepal and ways and means to resolve the issue), 24 August 2008.
  • All Nepal National Free Student Union, Kathmandu (Border Issue and the role of Democratic Republic in mitigating the Border Related Problems), 3 March 2008.
  • Destination 2016, Bhaktapur (Nepal-India Border Disputes), 9 February 2008.
  • People’s Awareness Forum, Butawol- Rupandehi (Border Encroachment at present and Challenges on Nationality), 15 January 2008.
  • Martin Chautari & Youth Initiative, Thapathali- Kathmandu (Border Disputes, Solution and Nepal’s Strategy), 11 January 2008.
  • National United Front, Kathmandu (Border Encroachment and Nationality), 8 January 2008.
  • Interim Parliamentarian Committee for International Relations, Singhadarbar- Kathmandu (Facts and Figures on Susta Encroachment and Suggestions to Solve the Dispute), 2 January 2008.
  • Indreni Social Development Forum, Water and Energy Consumer Federation, Ramgram Municipality, Nawalparasi (Nepal’s Border Dispute and Condition of Susta), 29-30 December 2007.
  • Nepal Government Army Command and Staff College, Shivapuri- Kathmandu (Territorial Boundaries and Disputes with Neighboring States), 20 November 2007.
  • Survey Department, Government of Nepal (Unresolved Border Segment), 19 September 2007.
  • Government Survey Department Golden Jubilee Year Celebration Committee, Kathmandu (Brief Account / Memoir of Surveying in Nepal), 24 May 2007.
  • Amar Sigh Thapa Academy, Lalitpur ( Border Problem of Nepal and Unavoidable Management), 7 April 2007.
  • Martin Chautari, Kathmandu (Multi-faceted Border Management of Nepal), 20 March 2007.
  • Society of Electronics and Communication Engineers Nepal (SECEN), Pulchowk, Lalitpur (Multi-Magnitudinal Border Management of Nepal), 10 February 2007.
  • Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town (Multi-faceted Border Management of Nepal), 9 February 2007.
  • Nepal Council of World Affairs (Multi-faceted Border Management of Nepal), 4 January 2007.
  • Nepal Army Command and Staff College, Shivapuri, Kathmandu (Territorial Boundaries and Disputes with Neighboring States), 8 November 2006.
  • Human Rights Protection Forum, Nepalganj, Banke (National Border Issue of Nepal), 11 March 2006.
  • Mahakali River and Border Concern Group, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur (Border Issue : Origin of the River Mahakali), National Meet “Ten Years of Mahakali Integrated Treaty” 9-10 March 2006.
  • Rotary Club of Kantipur, Kathmandu (Border Management: Issue & Solution), 1 February 2006.
  • Nepal Association of Humphrey Fellows, Kathmandu (Border Issues of Nepal), 29 December 2005.
  • Management Association of Nepal, Kathmandu (Border Management of Nepal and its Solution), 8 July 2005.
  • Armed Police Force Training College, Kakani, Kathmandu (Boundary of Nepal), 23 September 2004.
  • Amar Sigh Thapa Academy, Lalitpur ( What is Sugauli Treaty ?), 5 April 2003.
  • Rotary Club of Patan West, Lalitpur (Kalapani Border Issue), 2 January 2003.
  • Young Men’s Buddhist Association- Nepal, Lalitpur, (Whether Lumbini will Submerge), 29 September 2001.
  • Dharmodaya Sabha (National Buddhist Forum), Kathmandu, (Whether Lumbini will Submerge), 10 September 2001.
  • All Nepal National Free Student Union, Central Office, Kathmandu, (Kalapani Border Issue of Nepal), 2 August 2001.
  • Action for Solidarity, Equality and Environment and Development, South Asia- Nepal, Kirtipur (Boundary of Nepal), 20 May 2001.
  • Nepal-India Human Development and Friendship Association, Kathmandu (Boundary of Nepal), 20 September 2000.
  • Nine Leftist Group, Kathmandu (Border Issues including Kalapani), 3 September 2000.
  • Democratic National Youth Federation- Nepal, Kathmandu, (Laxmanpur Dam and the problem originated), 27 June 2000.
  • Nepal History Association, Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Issue), 26 May 2000.
  • Nepal Geographical Society, Kathmandu, (Kalapani Border Issue), 4 May 2000.
  • Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations and Human Rights, Parliament Building- Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Issue), 30 March 2000.
  • Prime Minister and Ministers (Foreign Affairs, Home, Law and Justice, Defense, Water Resources, General Administration, Education) and their Secretaries of the Ministry, Chief Secretary, Nepali Congress Secretary General and Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister), Prime Minister’s Residence- Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Issue and its Solution), 25 November 1999.
  • Border Encroachment Protest Committee, Kathmandu (Origin of the Border River Mahakali), 5 October 1999.
  • National Heritage and Human Rights Protection Civic Committee, Kaski Pokhara ( Kalapani Border Dispute), 18 August 1999.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minister, Assistant Minister, Special Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Under Secretary etc.), Kathmandu, (Kalapani Border Issue), 4 August 1999.
  • Ministry of Defense, (Secretary and other officials), Kathmandu, (Kalapani Border Issue), 2 August 1999.
  • House of Representative Speaker’s Office (Speaker, Secretary General, Secretary, Joint-Secretary and other officials), Parliament Building- Kathmandu, (What the Map says on Kalapani Border Issue), 25 July 1999.
  • Ministry of Land Reform and Management (Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Director General, Deputy Director Generals and other officials), Kathmandu ((What the Map says on Kalapani Border Issue), 12 July 1999.
  • National Concern Society, Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Dispute), 1 July 1999.
  • District Development Committee (District Council), Okhaldhunga (Kalapani Border Issue), 22 January 1999.
  • All Nepal People’s Youth League, Central Committee, Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Dispute), 20 November 1998.
  • Border Encroachment Protest Committee, Kathmandu (What the Map says on Kalapani Border Issue), 4 July 1998.
  • National Concern Society, Kathmandu (What is Mechi Border Dispute ?), 23 November 1997.
  • Tanka Prasad Memorial Foundation, Kathmandu (Interaction on Mechi River Coastal Border Dispute and its Solution), 3 October 1996.
  • Bhadrapur Municipality, Jhapa (Fact on Mechi Border Issue), 9 September 1996.

Interviews :

Electronic media have transmitted interviews on Border Issues of Nepal, including Susta, Kalapani-Limpiyadhura Issues and Border Management of Nepal:

Media Program Topics Date of Interview
Image FM 97.9 Today’s Context Alternative measures of Nepal-India Border Management to check unwanted activities. 25 June 2010
Hamro FM 94, Chitwan Interview Discussion on peace and security, linked with the open border system 13 June 2010
News 24 Hours Television Jaya Swabhiman National security and Indo-Nepal border management. 12 June 2010
Radio Mirmire 89.4 Whose Idea, His Voice Not only our border has been encroached but also India is saying, Lord Buddha was born in India. What do you say on it? 23 March 2010
ABC Television ABC Watch How many sides of the border issues there are? On what year Nepal-India border problems will be completely settled? 18 February 2010
Sagarmatha Television Sagarmatha Special What is the impact of Constitutional Assembly International Relation and Human Rights Committee’s report to solve the border issue? 17 March 2010
Image FM 97.9 Time Wheel Whether India alone is faulty or also Nepal, for the encroachment of Nepalese territory 26 January 2010
Metro FM 94.6 Manthan (Churning) Whether political parties play only politics on the border issues or they also raise the matter of nationality. 25 January 2010
Radio Gorkha 92.8 Rule of Law What should be done to be issueless border? How could the issues be resolved, if there is no basic map? 19 January 2010
CJMC FM 106 Today’s Day Should 1950 Treaty be abrogated or revised? 15 January 2010

Please click here to read more interviews

Newspapers :

Various Daily, Weekly, Monthly Newspapers, Magazines and Journals have published more than 100 interviews and news and views concerning border issues of Nepal and its solution.

Some of the interviews :

Interviewed by Date Headline
Samayabodh Monthly June-July 2010 Border Disputes will be decided by the International Court of Justice without any prejudice
Kathmandu Post Daily 25 January 2010 Nepal doesn’t have archives of maps to counter Indian territorial claims.
JanaEkta Weekly 11 January 2010 International pressure should be given to India to solve border problems.
Annapurna Post Daily 2 January 2010 Survey expert’s unlimited ‘Blog Love.’
Media Mission Weekly 15 October 2009 Dam is constructed by India, Nepali land has been submerged.
Nepalipatra Weekly 21 August 2009 Leaders while go to India, they will be like a snake in front of Garudha
Yugasambad Weekly 4 August 2009 Nepal-India border dispute in the context of demarcation.
Naya Patrika Daily 4 July 2009 Five devices to solve the border issues.
Hindu Weekly 21 May 2009 Our border encroachment issue has been on shadow.
Khaas Khabar Weekly 26 March 2009 Our border has been encroached at 54 places.
Janadisha Daily 20 January 2009 What measures should be taken to solve the border problem for ever
Yugadrasta Weekly 10 November 2008 Wire fencing must be erected in between Nepal-India border
JanaEkata Weekly 1 September 2008 Great disaster (Koshi) due to historical mistake
Janadharana Weekly 15 May 2008 Why someone doesn’t feel pain on nation’s wound
Chhalphal Weekly 2 March 2008 Personality : examined on Border Issues
Nepal Samacharpatra Daily 15 February 2008 Political Parties must be united concerning border issues
Kathmandu Post Daily 7 January 2008 We could regain Greater Nepal
Ekikrit Aawaz Weekly 3 January 2008 Susta as a septic wound
People’s Review Weekly 27 December 2007 Politicians fear of raising border issue would annoy India
Yugasambad Weekly 25 December 2007 New border maps are disbelievable
Nepal Highlights Fortnightly` 25 December 2007 Why the government is mum on the encroached border of the nation
Gorkhapatra Daily 20 December 2007 Sixty thousand hectares of land is encroached by India
Shram Weekly 22 September 2007 Both the heads of Government must initiate to settle Kalapani and Susta problems
Nepalipatra Weekly 24 August 2007 Pension was about to be cancelled due to writing articles
Naya Patrika Daily August 2007 Border Dialogue
Janapahal Weekly 5 August 2007 Tarai’s enemy is India
Telegraph Weekly 18 July 2007 Nepal’s territory is extended not only to Kalapani but up to Limpiyadhura
Akshhya Weekly 11 July 2007 India is still encroaching border
Agenda Weekly 11 January 2007 Border Activist
UgaSambad Weekly 9 January 2007 Border encroachment is going on even after the Treaty of Sugauli
Nepal Samacharpatra Daily 26 December 2006 Border settlement should be initiated from higher level
People’s Review Weekly 14 December 2006 People must rise against construction of Koshi Dam
JanaDharana Weekly 7 December 2006 I don’t know the agreement of Sapta Koshi Dam
Weekly Aawaj 7 February 2006 Border should not be left porous
Nepal Magazine Weekly 27 November 2005 Dialogue
Sanghu Weekly 4 July 2005 India has an open eye on Kalapani
JanaDharana Weekly 19 May 2005 Indian-Chinese army should go to Taklakot
UgaSambad Weekly 17 May 2005 Kalapani belongs to Nepal
Others: more than 70 interviews were taken by daily, weekly and fortnightly newspapers and magazines.

Some of the news :

News published by Date Headline
Nepal Samacharpatra Daily 13 February 2010 Land ownership and land ceiling should be clarified by the commission
Nepal Samacharpatra Daily 13 January 2010 Nepal-India border issue should be resolved through diplomacy.
Kathmandu Post Daily 13 January 2010 Don’t politicize border.
Janadisha Daily 12 January 2010 In favour of national independent and civil supremacy.
Janadisha Daily 16 December 2009 Need of patriotic forum.
Media Mission Weekly 24 September 2009 Border expert Shrestha’s book released.
Kantipur Daily 11 September 2009 Book on barrage and dams.
Gandaki Khabar Daily 21 July 2009 Border encroachment due to state dejection.
Gorkhapatra Daily 7 July 2009 Territory encroached by the British India should be returned back.
Rajdhani Daily 1 July 2009 Appeal to give priority to border issues.
Gorkhapatra Daily 1 July 2009 Needs help from United Nations to solve border issue with India.
Nagarik Daily 6 June 2009 There should be re-demarcation on disputed area.
Gorkhapatra Daily 27 March 2009 Nepal-China border issue was resolved amicably.
Himalayan Times Daily 25 January 2009 Constitution must ensure territorial integrity
Annapurna Post Daily 25 January 2009 Suggestion to constitution drafting committee for Ninety percent votes for boundary agreement
Janadisha Daily 20 January 2009 Border strip-maps should be constructed to be agreeable fro both the sides.
Gorkhapatra Daily 23 August 2008 Koshi problem should be made as international discussion
Durgam Aawaj Weekly 21 April 2008 Susta and Kalapani at international conference
Chhalphal Weekly 13 May 2007 Crime rate increased due to open border: Government is mum
JanaDharana Weekly 12 April 2007 Agree / Disagree
Himalayan Times Daily 22 January 2007 Clarify on borders
Rising Nepal Daily 5 January 2007 Expert draws attention to border problems
Nepal Samacharpatra Daily 5 January 2007 Pay attention to border encroachment
Weekly Mirror 28 December 2006 Indian expansionist design
Kantipur Daily 22 December 2006 Desire to reach Kalapani
Weekly Mirror 7 December 2006 Proposed Koshi Dam will wreck havoc on Nepal
People’s Review Weekly 6 August 2003 Making good neighbors
Kathmandu Post Daily 10 July 2003 Government urged to regulate border
Rising Nepal Daily 10 July 2003 Expert suggests regulation of Nepal-India border
Himalayan Times Daily 6 April 2003 Expert calls for balance in border management policy
Space Times Today Daily 6 April 2003 Sugauli Treaty has lost relevance
People’s Review Weekly 30 January 2003 Face to face with Buddhi Narayan Shrestha
Spotlight News Magazine 11 October 2002 Border Disorder
More than 40 other newspapers have published news about my activities.

Conference and Seminar :


  • International Conference on ‘Fences, Walls and Border: State of Insecurity?’ organized by the University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada, 17-18 May 2011.
  • 24th International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Congress, Sydney- Australia, 11-16 April 2010.
  • History Workshop on Surveying and Mapping, organized by FIG, Sydney- Australia, 9-10 April 2010.
  • Conference on World Urban Forum (WUF-4), organized by UN HABITAT, Nanjing- China, 3-5 November 2008.
  • Seminar of JICA Alumni Association Forum of SAARC Countries, organized by Bangladesh in Dhaka, 19-21 July 2008.
  • Workshop on “Negotiating International Boundaries” Organized by International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU), Durham- UK, 7-9 April 2008.
  • 58th World Congress of International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), Barcelona, Spain, 28 May -2 June, 2007.
  • 57th World Congress of International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), Bangkok, Thailand, 26 -31 May, 2006.
  • 7th International Conference on “Border Management in an Insecure World” Organized by International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU), Durham- UK, 5-7 April 2006.
  • Asia-Pacific Real Estate Congress, Osaka- Japan, 28- 30 September 2005.
  • 50th Photogrammetric Week- 2005, Stuttgart- Germany, 5-9 September 2005.
  • 56th World Congress of International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), Athens-Greece, 30 May to 4 June 2005.
  • Seminar on “Securing Land for the Urban Poor” UNCHS, Fukuoka-Japan, 2-4 October 200.
  • 19th Congresses of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), Amsterdam-Netherlands, 16 -23 July 2000.
  • 21st Congress of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), Brighton, United Kingdom, 19-25 July 1998.
  • 18th Congresses of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), Vienna-Austria, 9-19 July 1996.
  • 5th South-East Asian Surveyors Congress, Singapore, 16-20 July 1995.
  • UN International Seminar on GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 12-14 July 1995.
  • 20th Congress of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), Melbourne, Australia, 5-12 March 1994.
  • 12th United Nations Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, 20-28 February 1991.
  • International Seminar on Computer Assisted Cartography, ICA Netherlands/Survey of India, New Delhi, 22-29 November 1983.
  • Seminar of Planners Montreal Canada, 17-21 January 1983.


  • Seminar on Trans-Boundary River (Water) in Nepal, organized by Water and Energy Commission Secretariat, Kathmandu, 7 June 2010.
  • National Land Policy Consultation Workshop, organized by Ministry of Land Reform & Management and FAO, Kathmandu, 25 February 2010.
  • Interaction Seminar on Unmanaged Settlement, Urbanization, Industrialization and Scientific Land Reform, organized by High Level Commission on Scientific Land Reform, Kathmandu, 9 February 2010.
  • Nepal’s Fast Economic Development: State Restructuring as Main Basis, organized by Nepal Development Research Institutions, Kathmandu, 23 December 2009.
  • Workshop on Border Security, organized by Armed Police Force, Kathmandu, 16-18 December 2009.
  • 10th International Symposium on High Mountain Remote Sensing Cartography (HMRSC-X), ICIMOD /EESA, Kathmandu, 8-11 September 2008.
  • Workshop on Remote Sensing in the Service of Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas, UN / EESA / MoPE / ICIMOD, Kathmandu, 15 – 19 November 2004.
  • GIS Seminar, Nepal GIS Society, Kathmandu, 22 July 2004.
  • Fourth National Conference on Science and Technology, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Kathmandu, 23-26 March 2004.
  • 23rd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, ACRS Japan / Survey Department, Kathmandu, 25 – 29 November 2002.
  • Symposium on ” Nepal-India Open Border: Positive and Negative Aspects” Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) / Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), Kathmandu, 25 July 2001.
  • Workshop on Geomatics and Space Science Technology Application, HMG MoST / NRSA-India / ICIMOD, Kathmandu, 19 April 2001.
  • GIS Forum, South Asia ’99, ICIMOD and CSDMS, Kathmandu, 15-16 April 1999.
  • Third National Conference on Science & Technology, Nepal Science and Technology (NAST), Kathmandu, 8-11 March 1999.
  • Seminar on Future Plans and Programms on National Surveying & Mapping, Survey Department, Kathmandu, 27-28 January 1999.
  • LIS Development Strategy in Nepal, Ministry of Land Reform & Management, Kathmandu, 24-26 September 1997.
  • Workshop on GIS Application in Nepal, ICIMOD / NGIS Society Kathmandu, 1 December 1996.
  • 2nd Space Informatics Seminar for Sustainable Development Mountain Resources Management, UNCRD/NASDA/ICIMOD/MPE Kathmandu, 2-6 December 1996.
  • National Consultative Workshop/Seminar for National Plan of Action for City Summit (HABITAT-II), MHPP/UDLE Kathmandu, 7-8 January 1996.
  • Workshop Seminar on Private and Public Sector Participation in Housing & Land Development, DHUD/GTZ (UDLE) Kathmandu, 25-26 June 1995.
  • Second National Conference on Science & Technology, Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST), Kathmandu, 8-11 June 1994.
  • Workshop on Land for Shelter, MHPP/UNDP/ UNCHS, Kathmandu, 19 Sept.- 1 Oct.1991.
  • Workshop on Katmandu Valley Urban Development Plans and Progress : Issues, Opportunities and Problems in Urban Development within the Valley, MHPP/UNDP/UNCHS, Kathmandu, 14 December 1990.
  • First Cadastral Survey Seminar, Survey Department, Kathmandu, 21-24 October 1990.
  • 5th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing NRSC/ARSC (Japan), Kathmandu, 15-18 November 1984.
  • Other Seminars including Survey Officers Seminar, Kathmandu 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978 and 1989.

Membership of Professional and Social Organizations :

Professional Membership

  • President, Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Member, International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU), Durham, United Kingdom.
  • Member, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (2003-08), London U.K.
  • President (2006-2008), Nepal Land & Housing Developers Association, Kathmandu.
  • President (1994-2004) and Life Member, Nepal Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society, Kathmandu.
  • President (1992-1994) and Member, Nepal Surveyor Society, Kathmandu.
  • Vice-President (1995-98) and Life Member, Nepal Geographical Society, Kathmandu.
  • International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI)- Nepal Chapter President , Paris France.
  • Advisor and Member, Nepal GIS Society (NGISS), Jawalakhel, Lalitpur.
  • Member, Institution of Surveyors (1995-99), Australia Inc, Melbourne.
  • Fellow, Royal Geographical Society (1997-99), London, U.K.
  • Senate Member, Purwanchal University, Biratnagar, Nepal.
  • Honorary Senior Consultant, Magna Technologies (USA) Inc. Wellington Delaware, USA.
  • Member, Border Concern Civic Society, Bagbazar, Kathmandu.
  • Member, Bloggers Association of Nepal (BLOGAN), Kathmandu.

Social Membership

  • Advisor and Member, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Hattisar Naxal, Kathmandu.
  • Life Member, Nepal Council of World Affairs, Pulchowk, Lalitpur.
  • Life Member, Council of Former Public Servants, Sankhamul-Lalitpur, Nepal.
  • Life Member, Tanka Prasad Acharya Memorial Foundation, Baneswar-Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Executive Member, China Study Center, Kathmandu.
  • Honorary Member, J.P. Foundation, Suryanagar- Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Executive Member and Life Member, JICA Alumni Association of Nepal, Kathmandu.
  • Promoter, “Boundary Scholarship” for the students of Sagarmatha Janata High School, Okhaldhunga.
  • Board Member, Health Care Nepal, Newtown-PA, USA.
  • Board Director, Sahayogi Investment Company P. Ltd., Kathmandu.
  • Board Director, Dabali Co-operative Institution, Kathmandu.
  • Board Director, Nawo Chhitiz Cooperative Ltd (2003-07), Kathmandu.

Award and Prize :

Following organizations, institutions and societies have conferred various award, prize, felicitation and letter of appreciation:

  • Madan Puraskar (Prize)-2057 : awarded silver platted plaque (certificate) with Rs. One Lakh cash prize by Madan Puraskar Guthi (Trust), Lalitpur, 18 October 2001 in recognition of writing the book “Boundary of Nepal.”
  • Itihas Shiromani Baburam Aacharya Research Honour : awarded plaque along with a purse of Rs. 51 thousand by Lunkarandas-Ganga Devi Chaudhary Academy for Arts & Literature, Kathmandu, 3 August 2008 in establishing the existence and identity of Nepal within the nation and abroad through the study, research, presentations and publications on the national boundary of Nepal and management of border.
  • Eduard Dolezal Award : 18th ISPRS Congress, Vienna-Austria, 11 July 1996 in recognition of developing Surveying, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geographical Information System in Nepal.
  • Letter of Felicitation: by Kshhetri Society Nepal, 18 December 2010, in recognition of the contribution made on Nepal’s national unity, integrity and sovereignty through the study and research on border issues of Nepal and its Solution.
  • Letter of Commendation: by Sadbhav (Courtesy) Group Nepal, 21 July 2009 in recognition of creating awareness to the people of Nepal on Border Issues and Means of Solution.
  • Letter of Felicitation: by Nepal Land and Housing Developer’s Association, 14 March 2009 for the contribution made for the institutional upliftment of Land and Housing and Housing Developer’s Association.
  • Letter of Commendation: by Sadbhav (Courtesy) Group Nepal, 21 July 2009 in recognition of creating awareness to the people of Nepal on Border Issues and Means of Solution.
  • Letter of Admiration : by Lawyers Club, Kathmandu, 26 February 2009, conferred with cash Rupees five thousand in recognition of the best article (Reference of Nepal’s boundary in connection to the construction of New Constitution), published in the 73rd issue of the magazine LAW, in the series of National Promotion of Law Write-up, established as National Respect.
  • Republican Felicitation- 2008 : by National Peoples Pressure Group, New Baneswor Kathmandu, 30 November 2008, in recognition of the work , created for national awareness to future generation, by writing and presenting on Nepal’s national boundary and border management and its solution.
  • Dev Shumsher Outstanding Journalism Award : by Dev Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana Descendant Foundation, 30 July 2005, in writing an outstanding article of national importance published in the Gorkhapatra Daily on June 5, 2004 entitled “An Independent Country, Nepal’s Border is Shrinking Each Day.” The award is instituted by a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.
  • Letter of Appreciation : by Nepal Senior-Citizen Society, Kathmandu, 15 November 2008, in recognition of the solid contribution made for the upliftment and progress of the Nepal Senior-Citizen Society.
  • Letter of Commendation : by Nepal Government, Survey Department, Kathmandu, 28 May 2007 in recognition of the contribution made to enter Nepal into Satellite Geodesy age and start to prepare the new series of basic topographical mapping of Nepal, while working at the Department.
  • Letter of Felicitation: by Dawanly Milan Club, Kathmandu, 16 September 2006 in recognition of demarcating the geographical boundary of Nepal, as an awardee of Madan Puraskar (Prize).
  • Amar Sing Thapa Memorial Award : by National Mighty Person Amar Singh Thapa Foundation, 31 July 2005, in recognition of the commendable contribution made for highlighting the collected facts of the complicated border issues of Nepal to the Nepali people.
  • Felicitation : by A Great Worker Badri Bikram Thapa Memorial Service Trust, 26 July 2005, in recognition of making exposure on Nepal’s national boundary line, border security and border management through write-up, working papers and interaction presentations in national and international arena.
  • Felicitation : by J. P. Foundation, Kathmandu, 11 July 2004 (on the occasion of its tenth anniversary) in recognition of the contribution made to create public awareness in national and international arena, on Nepal’s geographical boundary, border management and its preservation.
  • Letter of Appreciation : by Nepalese Association of Houston (NAH), 14 September 2003 for the enlightening presentation on “Indo-Nepal Border Disputes” at the Baker Institute of Policy, Rice University in Houston- Texas, USA.
  • Letter of Commendation : by New Support Nepal, Kathmandu, 4 January 2003 in recognition of the important contribution made for the development of the Nepalese Society through highlighting geographical border of the nation.
  • Letter of Appreciation : by JICA Alumni Association of Nepal (JAAN), Kathmandu, 18 December 2002 in recognition of invaluable contribution made for the betterment of the institution and the nation.
  • Felicitation : by International Forum – Progressive Nepali Society – Nobel Academy, Kathmandu, 11 January 2002 (on the occasion of the National Unity Day) in recognition of fostering the national sentiment on the border issues of Nepal.
  • Felicitation : by Okhaldhunga Social Service Kathmandu, 20 October 2001 in recognition of the commendable work performed to identify the nation’s boundary, drawing attention to the international arena.
  • Felicitation : by the District Development Committee, Okhaldhunga (on behalf of the inhabitants of Okhaldhunga district), Okhaldhunga, 22 January 1999 in recognition of the outstanding contribution made to create awareness on the preservation of National Boundary of Nepal and of the contribution to expand Surveying, Mapping and Land Information activities in Nepal.
  • Letter of Appreciation : by Okhaldhungeli Solidarity Society, Kathmandu, 29 January 2002 (on the occasion of Martyrs Day) in recognition of writing the research oriented book “Boundary of Nepal” to create the awareness to the general people on the national boundary demarcation of Nepal.

Medal/Decoration :

Following medals, decorations have been received:

  • Birendra Aishworya Service Medal, 2002 by the Royal Palace Committee.
  • Throne Accession Silver Jubilee Medal, 1997 by the Celebration Committee.
  • Gorkha Dakshinbahu, Class Three, 1992 by His Majesty the King.
  • Deergha Sewa Padak (Long Service Medal), 1991 by Government of Nepal.
  • Jaanapad Sewa Padak ( Fifteen Years Service Medal), 1981 by Government of Nepal.
  • Gorkha Dakshinbahu, Class Four, 1978 by His Majesty the King..
  • Coronation Medal, 1975 by the Royal Palace.

Consultancy Services of Professional Works :

From January 1993 to Date : Bhumichitra Mapping and Land Development Co. P. Ltd, Kathmandu.
Designation : Managing Director
Duties and Responsibilities : Overall management and supervision of surveying, mapping and land development works and research & study related jobs to the firm.
From 25 June ’10 to 25 January 2011
: Kathmandu Valley Town Development Committee.
Designation : Chartered Surveyor
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Detail Digital Land Use Map of Twenty Urbanizing VDCs of Kathmandu Valley at 1: 2,500 scale with 2 meter contour interval with the help of aerial photographs and satellite imagery.
From 1 May 2010 to Date : ADB / COWATER Canada.
Designation : Chartered Surveyor
Duties and Responsibilities : Handling and developing parcel-based cadastral information to support the work of the GIS Specialist in preparing GIS-based digital urban maps of Biratnagar, Birgunj and Butawal Municipalities under the ‘Institutional Strengthening of Municipalities’ Project.
From 27 April ’08 to 9 Aug. 2009 : Department of Urban Development and Building Construction.
Designation : Licentiate Surveying Expert
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of GIS Database Map , Poverty Mapping, Gender Assessment and Need Identification of Attariya Town Development area of Kailali District.
From 14 March to 9 July 2008 : Department of Urban Development and Building Construction.
Designation : Licentiate Surveying Expert
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Digital Base Map of Core area of Narayan Municipality at the scale of 1: 2,500 with 2 meter contour interval.
From 10 June ’07 to 8 Jan. 2008 : Kathmandu Valley Town Development Committee.
Designation : Co-Team Leader / Surveying Expert
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Detail Digital Land Use Map of Five Municipalities of Kathmandu Valley at 1: 2,500 scale with 2 meter contour interval from 1: 15,000 aerial photograph and 1 meter resolution panchromatic satellite imagery and to create computer-based geo-information system.
From 22 May 2007 to 3 Sept. ’09 : Manohara Land Pooling Project of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.
Designation : Team Leader
Duties and Responsibilities : Centerline layout of roads at site as per approved road network plan of Manohara Land Pooling Project.
From 22 Jan. to 18 June 2007 : Department of Urban Development and Building Construction.
Designation : Co-Team Leader / Surveying Expert
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Digital Base Map of Core area of Bhimeshwor Municipality at the scale of 1: 2,500.
From 22 Dec. to 14 June 2007 : Department of Urban Development and Building Construction.
Designation : Co-Team Leader / Survey Expert
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Digital Base Map of Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City at the scale of 1: 2,500.
From 4 June to 29 October 2006 : Department of Urban Development and Building Construction.
Designation : Co-Team Leader / Survey Expert
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Digital Base Map of Biratnagar Sub-Metropolitan City at the scale of 1: 2,500.
From 16 March to 15 July 2006 : Department of Land Reform and Management.
Designation : Team Leader
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Project Plan on Land Administration and Management Project of the Himalayan State of Nepal.
From 10 March to 7 Aug, 2006 : Kathmandu Valley Town Development Committee.
Designation : Co-Team Leader
Duties and Responsibilities : To delineate the land use changes from 2000 to 2006 of Kathmandu Valley to Update and prepare the Land Use (Digital) Map of Kathmandu Valley, Five Municipalities, 36 Urbanizing VDCs and to Prepare Future Land Use Plan.
From 29 April to 18 Oct. 2005 : Manohara Land Pooling Project of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.
Designation : Team Leader
Duties and Responsibilities : To survey and prepare topographical maps of Manohara Land Pooling Project for the planning and implementation of land development scheme of Manohara and Thimi area of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur districts respectively.
From 27 Nov. 2003 to Date : Survey Department (Surveyor Licensing Examination Board).
Designation : Board Member ( Survey Expert ) – Nominated
Duties and Responsibilities : To frame the syllabus, to conduct examination and to certify to issue Licenses to the Surveyors and Surveying Companies, as stated in the Article 27 of the Land (Survey & Measurement) Regulations-2001.
From 28 April -15 July 2004 : Survey Department, Cadastral Survey Branch, Kathmandu.
Designation : Team Leader
Duties and Responsibilities : Studied and prepared detailed report on ” Cadastral Survey Work and its Future Programm in Nepal.” Thirty-minute visual Documentary was also prepared after the preparation of report.
From 17 Dec ‘ 03 – to 20 July ’04 : Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), City Planning Commission, Kath.
Designation : Member Secretary
Duties and Responsibilities : To prepare long term plan of KMC area, to collect, review and prepare its quarterly, half yearly and annual progress reports, to co-ordinate and prepare agreements to negotiate with the international donor agencies and to study & research on the activities of different departments of KMC.
From 15 Apr ’02 – to 14 Apr ’04 : Land Use Council, Ministry of Land Reform & Management, Kathmandu.
Designation : Council Member ( Expert ) – Nominated
Duties and Responsibilities : Under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chairman of National Planning Commission, it has to contribute to formulate the national land use policy for the implementation of land use program, land consolidation and control on land fragmentation.
From 21 May – 23 Dec. 2002 : Kathmandu Valley Mapping Programm, KMC / EC, Kathmandu.
Designation : Team Leader
Duties and Responsibilities : Supervision and handling of cadastral maps and related materials for thePreparation of Urban Digital Cadastral Database for Kathmandu Metropolitan City.”
From 13 May – 9 October 2002 : National Planning Commission, Tenth Plan Formulation Support Team, NPC / ADB, Kathmandu.
Designation : Consultant
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of background paper in high priority area on Land Use, Development and Consolidation action plan to be included in the Tenth Plan of Government of Nepal.
From 17 June – 25 Sept. 2002 : HMG Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives / IDEA / Bhumichitra, Kathmandu.
Designation : GIS Consultant
Duties and Responsibilities : Prepared digital maps and databases for the Identification of Potential Pocket Area of Buffalo, Potato, Orange and Junar through the application of GIS techniques (with Arc-View and Arc-Info softwares) of Kabhre District with the data and parameters provided by the Livestock and Horticulture experts.
From April – July 2001 : Department of Land Information & Archive / TEAM Nepal, Kathmandu.
Designation : Team Leader
Duties and Responsibilities : Study of GPS Survey To Connect Non-Series (Island) Maps To Geo-referenced National Grid System Maps of sample wards of Bhaktapur Municipality and enunciated methodology.
From Aug. 1997 – Aug. 1999 : Kathmandu Urban Development Project, DHUD / ADB, Kathmandu.
Designation : Team Leader
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Base Maps of Kathmandu Valley in digital form covered by 227 sheets and data were prepared in various layers for urban planning and development.
From May – Dec. 1996 : Ministry of Land Reform & Management, Kathmandu.
Designation : Team Leader
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Detailed Study Report on Developing ‘An Integrated Land Information System in Nepal’ and establishment of computer based LIS and automated land transaction was proposed.
From Feb. 1993 – March 1994 : Ministry of Agriculture, MOA / APROSC / UNDP, Kathmandu.
Designation : Mapping Consultant
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of Maps for District Agriculture Planning of Bara and Nawalparasi districts, and proposed suitability according to the capability of the land.
From July 1993 – Aug. 1993 : Netherlands Development Organization SNV / NESCOR, Kathmandu.
Designation : Natural Resources Planner
Duties and Responsibilities : Preparation of land resources maps and inventory of Gogane-Agra areas of Makawanpur district for Flood Disaster Rehabilitation Programme.

Government Services :

Served for the Land Survey Department of Nepal Government for twenty seven years from the post of Survey officer to Director General (Head of the Department):

Director General (1987-1992) :

  • Framing up of a national policy on surveying, mapping and related activities to submit it for government decision.
  • Responsible for overall management and supervision of the department, different Survey Branches and District Offices.
  • New series of Topographical Mapping was started in 1992 with the help of FINNIDA.
  • Absolute Gravity Survey stations were established in 1991.
  • Lumbini Topographic Mapping was implemented in 1990 with the help of JICA.
  • Nepal entered into GPS Satellite Geodesy System from traditional one in 1989, with the help of University of Colorado, USA.
  • Strengthened the department, converting the post of Head of Department into Engineering Services, Survey Group from General Administration Services.
  • Digital Map of Mt. Everest-Khumbu area (showing Nepalese and Chinese territory) was prepared in 1988 with the help of National Geographic Society and Boston Museum of Science, USA.
  • Expanded the department adding some more posts of Deputy Director General and sub-ordinates.
  • Third Boundary Protocol between Nepal and China Border was signed on 8 December 1988.
  • Land (Survey & Measurement) Act was amended (Sixth and Seventh) as the need of time.

Deputy Director General (1987) :

  • Responsible for overall management and mapping activities of the Topographic Survey Branch, under the Survey Department.
  • General and financial administration of the Branch.
  • Supervision of the Branch and report to Head of Department.
  • Co-ordination with other Survey Branches.

Chief Survey Officer (1975-87) :

  • Worked as the Chief of Technical & Planning Division of Land Survey Department.
  • Responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluation of survey and mapping works.
  • Prepared Sixth and Seventh Five Yearly Plan and annual plan of the department and to submitted to the National Planning Commission through Head of Dept.
  • Drafted the survey and mapping policy of the nation.
  • Worked in Town Planning Cadastral Survey Office, Pokhara (Kaski District).
  • Member of Special Land Court- Kaski (1976-77), under the Chairmanship of the District Judge.

Survey Officer (1965-75) :

  • Survey Party Number 1 and 9
  • Responsible for the operation of Cadastral Surveying and preparation of large scale cadastral maps and land records in the districts of Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Saptari, Makawanpur, Dhankuta and Udayapur.
  • Distribution of land ownership certificates.
  • Hearing of land disputes during land adjudication.
  • Make temporary decision on land disputes
  • Make public relation during cadastral survey work.

Country Visited :

In connection to study, attend international conferences / Seminars, government delegation and personal visit:

Japan : 13 June-3 August 1979, 3-20 July 1990, 15-24 November 1995, 30 September-7 October 2001 and 25 September- 2 October 2005.
Thailand : 6-8 August 1979, 19-28 February 1991, 23-25 September 2005 and 21 May- 3 June 2006.
USA : 15-23 May 1983, 25 June-21 July 1988, 24 July-11 August 1990, 17 February – 6 March 1995, 10 May-25 June 1999, 24 September- 1 December 2000, 4 August-1 November 2003, 4 June-3 July 2007, 18 September to 30 November 2009 and 22 May to 14 June 2011.
United Kingdom : 3-7 September 1983, 19 July- 21 August 1988, 3-20 April 2006, 5-21 April 2008 and 12 to 17 September 2009.
Russia : 21-26 April 2006.
France : 7-10 September 1983, 20-24 November 1985 and 6-9 June 2005.
Germany : 18 October- 14 November 1985, 5 September- 17 November 1986, 28-31 July 2000, 5-6 June 2005 and 3-10 September 3-2005.
Switzerland : 15-19 November 1985.
Belgium : 25-27 July 2000.
Luxemburg : 27-29 July 2000.
Canada : 18 August 1982 to 3 September 1983 and 16 to 22 May 2011.
Austria : 7-20 July 1996.
Czech Republic : 21-25 July 1996.
Netherlands : 1-4 July 1992 and 16-25 July 2000.
Finland : 22-30 June 1992.
Greece : 29 May- 5 June 2005.
Italy : 9-11 June 2005.
Spain : 30 May- 3 June 2007.
India : 21-31 November 1983, 15-21 January 1989, 15-19 March 1992, 14-17 January 1993 and 27-30 April 1997
Pakistan : 11-14 January 1993.
Bangladesh : 5-12 December 1996 and 18 to 23 July 2008.
China : 28 November- 10 December 1988, 7-13 October 2001, 14-19 September 2006 and 1 to 5 November 2008.
Hongkong : 4-5 August 1979, 10-12 December 1988, 11-13 August 1990.
Singapore : 13-16 March 1994 and 17-20 July 1995.
Malaysia : 9-17 July 1995
Dubai : 4-6 July 1992.
Bahrain : 22-23 December 2000.
Australia : 4-13 March 1994 and 8 to 17 April 2010.
  • Traveled 66 districts of Nepal, out of 75.




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  1. Buddhi Narayan Sir

    I am regular reader of your articles in different newspapers. And I am so happy to know that you also have a such a great blog.

    I am a newcomer to the blogging world. Can I put your blog’s link in my blog?

    Thank you.

    With respect,



  2. Dear Basanta,

    You are welcome to link my blog to your blog.

    All the best,
    Buddhi N Shrestha


  3. It’s really nice to read you articals on boarder issue


  4. Thank you very much, Sajansan.


  5. Hello Buddhi sir

    I am newly vieur of your site.Thanks for your activities and study.It will very helpful for comming researcher and
    Thank You


  6. Thank you very much. I am encouraged.


  7. Dear BK Palpali,

    I may be sending you a write-up after some time. All the best for your magazine Nepal Border.


  8. Namaste, Budhhi Narayan Sir

    Happy to see your blog. This blog is very useful on boarder issue of Nepal. I found this blog when i searched references about Sagarmatha dispute with Chinese friend. I got strong evidence from this blog that “Sagarmatha belongs to Nepal. Thanks too much!


  9. Thank you for your kind words.


  10. I may be sending you an article after some weeks.


  11. Buddhi sir i am proud of your study about borders of nepal.Thanks alot. You are really Hero of Nepal.Keep it up.


  12. Dear Anil Kumar Yadav,

    I am very much inspired by your kind words. Thank you so much.


  13. We must do these things to save Nepal by aggressive and dominate political policy and action of India.

    (1) Nepal must do their official border technical survey, Keep all photos, Survey Blue prints and keep digital records.

    (2) Nepal must make Nepali boundaries situation “Documentary Film” and broadcast in public TV channels to make all Nepalese people aware of it. This national security, soverngnity as well as value and importance, urgency of national security issues must be input into people and government brain-heart and soul. National security must be very first concern for all.

    (3) Nepal government must setup security posts (Camps) with “border security arm force” in border areas or villages with full equipped arm force like (remote camera, night vision goggle, remote portable wireless communication, border post, patrol arms and vehicles). Border security force must patrol Nepal border day and night. It will boost to security and moral of Nepal and Nepalese border villagers as well as reduce Indian Seem Sastra Bal (SSB) ill treatment toward Nepalese.

    (4) Nepal Arm and police must setup border intelligence agents with well equipped and central change of command.

    (5) Intellectual must do nation wide “Nepali border encroaching by India” presentation and communication workshop in colleges, universities and border towns. We must turn border villages and town people into policing volunteer service for nation.


  14. Thank you.


  15. thank you sir Biddhi Narayan Shreshtha for writing about the kalapani belongs to Nepal..
    I Agree with you that tou mentioned above


  16. dear sir,
    going straight forward i actually have a question regarding the boarder issue… sir is there any international document which mentions that no construction can be made within the 8km from the border???
    sir i am a law student and am doing research relating to Gandhak dam.
    i have been one of your reader, i do have books written by you too.
    please dada reply me.


  17. It is also mentioned in my book entitled ‘Bharat-Nepal Seemavarti Baandh.’

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I enjoyed and felt serious on the issue. When political leadre would have courage to talk on this dispute ? Mukesh


  19. thank you very much for highlighting KEY issues of our NEPAL, you inspire greatness! keep up the great work!


  20. Thank you so much. I am highly encouraged.


  21. I want my huge nepal back


  22. Namaste Sir!
    May I use this map https://bordernepal.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/22.jpg on wikipedia? I need your permission to upload it on wikipedia. Thank you
    Ganesh Kumar


  23. Please go ahead.


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