Cordiality in the border

Cordiality in the border

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Nagarik Sima Sauharda 71-11-18

In the bygone days, Indian Special Security Bureau (SSB) had misbehaved to the Nepali people in the border. There are many such instances. But after the rise of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India, the SSB has shown the cordiality to the Nepali frontier people who cross the Nepal-India border time and often. This cordiality has shown that the time has been changed.


But on the other hand , India has constructed and been constructing 1,600 kilometre long east-west border road, just close to the Nepal border. The main objective of this road construction is said as to make easy the movement of the SSB, showing for security concern reason. The road is on an average 5 metre high and almost 30 meter wide. The newly constructing border road has obstructed the natural flow of some of the rivers of Nepal that flows to India. As a result, Nepali frontier areas have been inundated/submerged and it has created negative impact to Nepal and Nepali people losing their agricultural land & house and property.


To resolve this issue, India must adopt some measures to drain out the blocked water from nepali higher land to lower land of India by constructing additional and sufficient bridges, culverts, drains and outlets. India must show in action cordiality to the people and government of Nepal in the field of smooth draining out the blocked water mass from Nepali frontier to India, as the SSB has shown decent behaviour recently in the border area. India-Nepal cordiality would be further expanded and broadened, if the water blockage problem in the Nepali frontier area, due to construction of road by India, is solved.

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