Nepal’s constitution must ensure territorial integrity

Constitution must ensure territorial integrity: Expert


       Noted geographer border researcher and former director general of Department of Survey Buddhi Narayan Shrestha today advised the Constituent Assembly (CA) Committee on Protection of National Interests to clearly incorporate a clause into the new constitution to guarantee Nepal’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

      Speaking at an interaction with the members of the committee, Shrestha said the new statute should bar the state from endorsing any agreement, treaty, memorandum of understanding, ratification, accession, approval or acceptance if they pose any adverse impact on the country’s regional and territorial integrity.

      He also advised the committee, chaired by Amik Sherchan, to incorporate a constitutional clause requiring 90 per cent vote of parliament before any treaty or agreement is reached with other countries on border management, border demarcation and border charter. “There should also be a constitutional ban on discussing or tabling any proposal in the parliament that would pose pervasive and adverse impact on regional integrity of the country,” Shrestha said in a paper submitted to the committee. He also suggested declaring a state of emergency for the protection of any part of the international border of the country, if any threat is perceived, or an armed insurgency breaks out with an aim to disintegrate the country.

      He also advised the CA committee to effectively regulate the Nepal-India border to control cross-border crime, terrorist activities and illegal trade and to maintain social security on both sides.

      People of both the countries have been traditionally enjoying travel facilities to both sides without presenting any document. But a regulated system was introduced for citizens of both the sides on October 1, 2000, following the hijack of a New Delhi-bound Indian Airlines aircraft from Kathmandu on December 24, 1999.


Himalayan Times Daily, January 24, 2009

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