Grumble at Junge Masonry Pillar

Grumble at

Junge Masonry Boundary Pillar

Manab Adhikar Sandesh (Human Rights Message) Monthly Magazine

Year-8, Number-2, November 2013

Indian Special Security Bureau (SSB) has occupied the Junge Masonry Boundary Pillar located at the brink of Mechi River on the way to Galgaliya Railway Station from Bhadrapur Higher Secondary High School. They have constructed a camp at the very boundary pillar. Such is the case at Boundary Pillar (BP) No 3 located at Maheshpur VDC Ward-2. In this aspect there is a question, whether it is legal to establish such construction  at the masonry boundary pillar. The other quarry is-  why the SSB has made construction at the very pillar ?

The answer to the first question may be-  in principle, boundary pillar is the common object to both the nations. It has not the right of a single country on that pillar. Further,  Tri-junction pillar having Zero Serial Number, erected as a marker of three frontiers is owned by all three nations. The boundary pillar named as PP-1, located at the bank of the river Mechi near Bhadrapur is regarded as tri-junction of Bihar, West Bengal and Nepal, where the boundary points meet at that masonry pillar.

The other matter is that there must have a strip of No-man’s Land of 10-yard width on both the sides of the boundary pillar, that makes 20-yard wide land strip. In principle, the No-man’s Land must not have any habitation, nor it should be cultivated, nor occupied. There should not have any construction on No-man’s Land. So the No-man’s Land strip do not belong the construction area and that should not be used.

In this perspective, it is the violation of international principle and practice where the Indian SSB has occupied and used the portion of No-man’s Land of Bhadrapur area constructing camps located at BP Number 1 and 3. In fact, the Junge Masonry Pillars, established 196 years ago at Bhadrapur and Maheshpur are the object of archeological element. It is the main boundary pillar, but not the reference pillar. The Junge Pillars must be a common property which belongs to both the nations. So SSB camp constructed at the main boundary pillar should be removed from that area. This type of occupation should be evacuated by mutual understanding. If there are grumbles, the matter should be discussed jointly and reach into a common solution. If it is not mutually agreed, Nepal should seek third country mediation. Lastly, if it is not agreed amicably, it must invite international institution to settle the conflict that should be agreed by both the nations. However, any such issues should be resolved for ever on the level of the higher authorities of both the nations itself to maintain the age old relationship between Nepal and India.

Junge Khambama Kichalo

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