Nepal On Hire But not On Sale !

                      Nepal On Hire

But not On Sale !


1. Background

Nepal is naturally a beautiful Himalayan country. Himalayas are regarded as the most beautiful part of the earth. Himalaya is the King of Mountains. Nepal has tall mountains, more  than any other regions of the planet.

Nepal is a developing country of South Asia. It has a very slow economic progress in comparison to political changes within a period of last ten years. Politically, changes took place in a faster rate in Nepal from monarchy to democracy, people’s democracy and republican country. But so far as the space of economic development is concerned, it has the snail speed progress. It may be due to the personality conflicts of top leaders and between intra-party and inter-political party leaders. Each of them regard supreme leader himself.

A political leader is neither capable to gain support and confidence from other party leaders, nor he is ready to offer confidence to other leader. As a result, there is not a supreme leader or leader among leaders, who bears capability to obtain faith and confidence from other counterpart leaders. Those who holds the power and position, he is intended to earn money and material illegally. He takes benefits for himself and his family at first. Then he provides chances to collect fame and money to his nearest kith and kin. And then he prefers to provide legal and illegal strength to his political party workers. After that, he remembers the nation and national interest. At the same time, other political party leaders protest and make slogans and demonstration against the power holder, even the ruling leader makes some program of national interest. Even a small group of Constitutional Assembly members make slogan in the running Assembly meeting and they obstruct the session for their vested interest.

In such a fashion, the political leaders are like cats and dogs. They make so called ideological conflicts and quarrels each other all the time even in case of a trifle matter to pull down the position holder. They blame each other that his opponent has done nothing in the matter of national interest, sovereignty and integrity. All the leaders are power monger and hankering over money and materials from the government treasury. By any means, they want to hold power and remain in decision making level for a long time. But they do not have vision in favour of nation building and economic upliftment for the general people of the country.

In this gloomy situation, something has to be done for the betterment of common folk without hindering sovereignty and national integrity of Nepal. During this transition period, one of my friends opined that Nepal should be put ‘On Hire.’ But it is restricted to go ‘On Sale’. Is it really good for the benefit of the Nepali people to invite global competition to float ‘Nepal On Hire or Lease’ ? I assured him that I shall try my best. Nepal is my country- my pride.

2. Characteristics

Naturally beautiful Nepal has the following characteristics:

  1. Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest), the highest mountain in the world is located in Nepal.
  2. Lord Gautama Buddha, as revered as a symbol of peace across the world, was born in Nepal.
  3. World famous Sherpa mountain guides belong to Nepal.
  4. Nepal is the home of brave, honest and obedient Gorkha soldiers.
  5. Nepal is physically constructed with Himal, Mountain and Plain area.
  6. If someone drives 120 Kilometer south-north for ten hours, he experiences from sub-tropical summer climate to cold tundra type.
  7. Thirteen mountain peaks, higher than 8,000 meter falls on Nepali territory.
  8. Nepal has a diverse elevation from 59 meter to 8,850 meters above mean sea level.
  9. Nepal has 10,167 plant species (including medicinal and aromatic plants).
  10. It has over 650 species of birds and 167 species of animals.
  11. Approximately one million foreign tourists, mountaineers, expeditioners  and trekkers visit Nepal every year.
  12. Nepal is the country of amenable Yak & Yeti.
  13. Nepal has the potentiality of roughly 83,000 MW hydro-electric power generation.
  14. Nepal is the destination of adventure travel (like para-gliding, bunjy-jumping, sky-diving, mountain biking etc), selected by world famous National Geographic Adventure Magazine (17 March 2009).
  15. Nepal is going to be a human labour exporting country.
  16. Nepal has an identity of ‘Double Triangle shaped National Flag’ unique all over the world.

3. Global tender

It will not be a too bad idea to offer Nepal as ‘On Hire or Lease’ in some context. Recently, the cash-strapped Northern Mariana Islands, a US territory in the Western Pacific, has offered to lease land to China as long as it is not used for military purpose. Northern Marianas Governor Benigno Fitial made the offer during a US-China Governors Forum in Beijing which discussed potential investment and job creation opportunities. A self-governing commonwealth of the United States since 1976, the islands are in the grip of a severe budget crisis following the collapse of their garment industry. The Northern Marianas consists of 15 islands, with more than 90 percent of the population of 54,000 living on Saipan.

In this context, if a global notification is floated to put Nepal on hire or lease, what will be the terms and conditions ? My friend gave me a rough sketch of terms and reference (TOR) to convert Nepal into ‘New Nepal’ as Nepal is ‘On Hire or Lease’ for fifteen years with the following TOR (terms and conditions):

  1. Provision of twenty-four hours supply of drinking water and availability of electricity all over cities, towns and settlements.
  2. Connections of motor-ways to all major settlements.
  3. Railway line network to all district headquarters.
  4. Development of manufacturing industry to employ 4 million people.
  5. Hydro-electric power generation 10,000 MW.
  6. Construction of irrigation canal and channel 10,000 km in length.
  7. To make per capita income GDP equivalent to 3,000 Euro.
  8. Petroleum exploration and production shall be materialized in two spots.
  9. Make Nepal a bridge between India and China to foster Nepali economy.
  10. Create environment to make rule of law and end of impunity.
  11. Correct the mentality of working level people from political gossip to work as worship.
  12. Access to sea port shall be materialized in one more spot, in addition to present Calcutta port.
  13. Nepal-India border should be fenced with 180 exit and entry crossing points.
  14. Open border with India shall be regulated, whereas Chinese border shall be strengthened for the security purposes.

4. Conditions

  1. Priority will be given to European non-United Nations member for bidding.
  2. Partial proposal (bidding) will not be accepted in any circumstance.
  • For example, India may be interested to obtain ‘On Hire’ the southern plain area.
  • China may be interested to bid for northern Himal area.
  • Bangladesh may take interested on the middle mountainous area.
  • But it is purely a single package program of entire Nepal.
  • United States of America may be interested to bid for whole Nepal. It will be easy to America to know and explore the secrecy of Chinese development strategy from Nepal, adjoined to the Tibet. America may visualize anti-Chinese activity from the newly built high mountain Buddhist monastery through converted monks of northern Nepal.
    1. The successful bidder must deposit 10 Trillion Euro as an earnest money.
    2. At the end of 15 years period, ‘Developed Nepal’ should be handed over back to the elected Nepal government.
    3. Time period ‘On Hire’ shall not be extended. There shall not be any provision of variation order at any cost.
    4. The elected government shall verify the pace of development (achievement), as agreed in the TOR.
    5. If it has been achieved, the earnest money will be released with the deduction of 10 percent.
    6. If the achievement (as mentioned in the TOR) is not 100 percent, deposited amount of money will be confiscated.
    7. Bidding time starts from now for six months.
    8. All rights are reserved with Nepal Government, to whom Nepal shall be provided or not to be provided ‘On Hire’.
    9. If there are some controversies, International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision will be the final one.

 Let us see, who will bid for “Nepal On Hire (Lease), But not On Sale !”

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