International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Membership

International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Membership

I had a privilege to receive the membership certificate of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) on behalf of Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors during 24th FIG World Congress on 11 April 2010. The certificate was handed over by the World President Prof. Stig Enemark.

I had an opportunity to speak few words after receiving the certificate. My speech went as follows:

“I am very much pleased to receive the membership certificate of FIG on behalf of Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. I thank FIG, especially World President Prof. Stig Enemark and Council Members. Our Institution is a new organization formed in July 2008. This is an Association of license holder Surveyor of Nepal, as the license was provided for the first time by the Government of Nepal in June 2008. It is registered in the Government District Administration of Kathmandu and it is registered as a tax payer organization in the Tax Office. Our Institution is trying to maintain homogeneity in the survey and mapping activities conducted by various private sector mapping companies in Nepal. Nepal Government Survey Department is going to provide us directives of national norms and standards very soon.

We shall be adopting the government specification and we shall work accordingly from the private sector as well. We shall also adopt the standardization set by FIG to develop the surveying, digital mapping and GIS in the days to come. If we have some problems about the standardization or our work, we will get in touch with FIG Headquarter. I think FIG membership to Nepal will help to develop and adopt international norms and standard for the development of surveying, mapping and geographic information in Nepal.”

Prof. Marie Bashir, Governor of New South Wales had hosted a reception at Government House on 13 April 2010. I was also invited as the delegate from Nepal. When I was introduced with her, she said ‘nice to see you as a delegate from the Himalayan country.’ She asked me also about the political changes of Nepal. I had an opportunity to take pictures during the reception.

At the middle of the FIG Congress, Bob Linke on behalf of Linke & Linke Surveys organized an informal get-together party near to Bronte Beach. He presented me a panoramic book as a ‘token of love.’ I appreciate his sponsorship and hospitality during my stay in Sydney.

I recall that we had a fruitful field visit during the ‘Workshop on History of Surveying.’ Many participants had joined the field visit. It was the pre-congress workshop and John Brock was the organizer of the Workshop. The information and discussion during the workshop was useful.

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