Buddhi Narayan Shrestha’s Books

Buddhi Narayan Shrestha’s Books

My Books.

I have posted this image here for two points :

1. ‘Wear old coat and buy new book’- said by Austin Phelps, American Spiritualist and Educationalist.

– My query is: how many of us wear old coat and buy new book.

  • Should we really wear old coat ?

2. ‘Only an ass doesn’t read book’- written in a banner in First Frankfurt Book Fair in 1949.

– My curiosity is: how many of us are asses ?

  • I think none of us.
  • Because we read books.
  • Those who of us have not read book, we start to read from right now.
  • It is not really necessary to read paper book.
  • We can read the e-book and face book messages, playing with our mobile phone in this modern age.

Counting of Jumbo Boundary Pillars

Counting of Jumbo Boundary Pillars


Buddhi Narayan Shrestha

Book: Counting of Jumbo Boundary Pillars

In the book following sub-headings have been dealt :-

  1. Experience while counting the Jumbo Pillars.

2. Boundary pillars into the water.

3. While sleeping at night: Nepali, while getting-up in the morning: Indian.

4. 1,350 boundary pillars are missing.

5. Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim : two-minute diplomacy on the border.

6. Trump did not find out Nepal in the world map. While his aid showed him Nepal, Trump said: that is under India.

7. Trump’s aid told him, Nepal is a sovereign country. Then Trump said ‘Nipple.’ Why Trump misspelled the name of Nepal. Is it because Nepal being a small country or he saw Nepal with an Indian eye-glass ?

8. Lipulek border entanglement.

9. Nepal-India 1950 Treaty not to be amended, but must be abrogated.

10. Fear of inundation to Nepal Tarai by the Indian constructions of frontier dams and barrages.

11. Donald Trump’s Walling Policy and Nepal-India boundary.

12. Where is the original copy of the Treaty of Sugauli-1816 between Nepal and British India.

13. Challenges on the national security policy of Nepal.

14. Challenges of open border between Nepal and India.

15. Seven border passes between Nepal and China.

16. Indian border blockade is not new for Nepal.

17. Let us not hurl stones standing on the No-man’s Land.

18. Slanting eyes of Indian track-II diplomat SD Muni over Lipulek of Nepal.

So many other items and burning border issues of Nepal could be read in the pages of this new book.

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