Book in Eight Languages

Book in Eight Languages

International Boundaries of Nepal

Buddhi Narayan Shrestha

My book entitled ‘International Boundaries of Nepal‘ published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Latvia, Europe is going to be translated in eight languages with the means by Artificial Intelligence Natural Translation.

In my book I have also dealt in :

1. Chapter-4 in sub-title ‘Kalapani-Limpiyadhura Issue with India’.

2. Legitimacy of Lipulek Border.

3. In chapter-6, Kalapani Dispute has been Internationalized.

4. Latest Incident in page 271: India published recently ‘Political Map of India’ on 2 November 2019 that had depicted encroaching the north-western border of Nepal with India.

The more in further pages from page 276 and . . . .
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